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green and milky discharge with swollen libia

okay so i’m allergic to my boyfriends detergent & i used a rag washed in his washed & now i have milky discharge and just started to have green discharge and my libia is swollen ... this is tmi but it feels like after i have an orgasm like the thumping on my tibia but it won’t stop... neither of us have any type of std or disease as i was checked and he was a virgin, it’s been like this for a couple days!! i just noticed blood before i took a bath but then it went away. i’m supposed to start my period so i thought it was my period but it was kinda clumpy...
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*my post* i also have red bumps on my tibia and my “vagina walls”
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Gosh, sorry to hear you have all that going on.  Have you had a yeast infection before?  Clumpy discharge is one symptom but usually you also have intense itching. Do you itch? Then when we itch, we can cause swelling and irritation to our anatomy down there.  But you do not mention itching so am not sure.  Green discharge can be because of colors of other things mixing with your discharge (like if you wear jeans) but often, green is associated with infection.  Some women do get yeast types of things before their period but this would be new for you?  You haven't gotten it before, right?  Honestly, I know this will sound like a pain to do, but I honestly think the best thing to do is go to your doctor and have your discharge swabbed.  Maybe it is an allergic reaction but it is hard to say and a doctor can help figure out why.  They swab the discharge and look at it under a microscope and can tell you if there is anything going on.  Don't douche or anything like that in the mean time as it just makes things worse.   Can you go to a doctor or women's clinic?
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it does itch , i was supposed to start my period but it hasn’t come yet, i don’t have insurance where i am so it would be impossible to go to a doctor.
If it's an infection, it isn't likely to clear up on its own and you could become very ill.  Have you checked into free or reduced-cost clinics? I found some leads here, if you're in the US (I assume so, since you mentioned insurance): https://www.freeclinics.com/
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