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grey/green nipple discharge

Trying to figure this one out....I recently had my right ovary & right fallopian tube taken out. last week I woke to a grey/green sticky discharge from both my nipples.
Consequently this happens every day, i went to see my gp but she did a breast examination & said its perfectly ok & not to worry.
I cant help but worry, surely this isnt right?
Can someone shed a little light please
many thanks
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Sounds you have an infection of some kind.  Maybe you should
go to a GP or another GYN.  I'd get a second opinion if it were
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It sounds hormonal.  I do  mammograms and see women with this issue alot.  You do need to see a doctor.  They will most likely order a mammogram and try to get a smear of the discharge to send to pathology(just to make sure it is not something other than hormonal).  They will also do lab work like thyroid, and pituitary function(Prolactin).  I am sure it is your body's way of adjusting to your surgery.  Good luck!!
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I have had the same issue for literally years and years, ever since college...and i am 39 now...i have always remained concerned however every doctor has assured me that it is nothing to be concerned about...that a woman can have ANY color of discharge and the only one to be concerned about it blood red...yikes...and very odd, to me still...as no one talks  about this....
of course if it is new do have it checked, as you will want a thyroid test and prolactin, etc...done...
...funny i also had my right ovary and tube removed about 3 years ago, due to a durmoid cyst...a connection?
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again from "bodyissues"
What is TOTALLY weird is that i also had my right ovary and tube removed a few years ago due to a durmoid cyst, but i have had the discharge for years...just a weird coincidence.
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