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groin lump

i have found a lump in my groin area right at the hair line.it didnt start hurting untill i was shaveing,its about the size of a nickle.dose anyone have any advise?i would go to the doctor but i dont have insurence so im trying to put that off as long as i can,
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If this is deep under the skin, more than likely this is a lymph node that is swollen and fighting a low level infection or inflammation of some type in your lower abdomen/ groin area. Our lymph nodes are the "garbage cans" of our bodies so they filter out all the bad stuff . Do you have a fever or any other symptoms that may indicate infection? Are there any other nodes swollen? (Feel in the deep creases of your legs and under your jaw corners for hard or sore lumps.) Is there vaginal irritation, burning with urination, a vaginal discharge that is anything other than clear? If not, this may disappear within a couple of days. If there is an infection that is overwhelming the lymph node's ability to get rid of it, the node may become larger and more sore and you should be looked at to figure out what the cause is. I hope this helps...While you are trying to decide if you should be seen, drink lots of water to aid your body in getting rid of yuck and boost your immune system...~MM
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I had a lump that size in the same area and it turned out to be an infected ingrown hair(well several ingrown hair actually). But mine was red and leaked puss like a huge pimple(sorry it's gross i know lol) but it could also be other things. do what i did and find a free clinic in your area and get it checked out(i also don't have insurance right now)
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