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has anyone experienced these very early pregnancy symptoms?!

I have been having to pee more often, I had severe abdominal pain that lasted only 30 min but it hurts where I can't stand up or walk, gas, Diarrhea/constipation, mood swings, severe back pain, a little hip pain, my eating habits tend to increase and decrease depending on my day, increased sex drive, I have been really thirsty, and I'm sleepy constantly but I can't fall asleep. This is all happening during my fertility week. I had sex 4 days before I ovulated.

Could I be pregnant? I haven't missed my period because I still have about 2 weeks before I start and I know that it's too early to tell if my symptoms are pregnancy symptoms, but I just need to know if I am and if anyone else has experienced what I am experiencing a few weeks into their pregnancy?
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Every woman is different, and every pregnancy that woman has will be different. I had many if the symptoms you have while pregnant, even early on. I'm not too sure with the thirsty thing though. You should see a Dr to confirm anything. Sometimes pregnancies cause women to become temporary diabetics (gestational diabetes). I've had 4 pregnancies,  the first one I had a lot of false labor pains/ cramps, the second I was so sick that I thought I had the flu until the Dr told me I was pregnant, the third I became a gestational diabetic, the fourth was a twin pregnancy where I lost one of them at the end if the third month and later ended up having an emergency c-section.
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I forgot to mention that hormonal changes/and problems, including metabolic problems,  can cause your symptoms. Changes are common just before you start your period, or if you have an imbalance.
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thank you! And I am so sorry about you losing one of your twins! I can't imagine how that must have affected you. And I was pregnant once before but I lost the baby being two months and I never had any of those symptoms before. I'm just wondering because I never get sick or feel this way ever and the symptoms just started suddenly out of nowhere. But is it even possible to have those symptoms with in just a few weeks being pregnant?
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I forgot to add, how did your cramps feel? Mine feels like I'm about to have a baby too. They hurt so bad I can't walk and I clench my stomach even while laying down.
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Dennell, i have a ton of those symptoms as well, along with a metallic taste in my mouth about 3 days ag. Please let me know if your pregnant, i am worried. My period isn't due till the 14th.
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No, it would be very unlikely for you to have any of these things at the point you say you are (2 weeks before your period) which is actually when you ovulate.  So, I don't think your symptoms are related to pregnancy.  
good luck
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I'm having a lot of pregnancies symptoms like feel down always tired want to sleep but can't sometimes feel sick. I start my period in two days but by now I would have had cramps but I'm not this time. I always want to eat but see I had two other pregnancies before I have two boys but I never had these kind of symptoms how I knew I was pregnant was because I didn't have period. So can anybody help me please....
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And I am having frequently uriun
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