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heavy bleeding during menstuation

yesterday evening, second day into my period, i started gushing blood for no apparent reason. this was going on for like 2 hours. i also had like 3 huge clots come out of me. so nasty, ugh! i was so scared, i thought i would bleed to death! after about 2 1/2 hours, the bleeding subsided and today, i am okay. i just wanted to know if that was something serious, or is it normal to gush blood at times. i am using the NUVARING vaginal contraceptive ring device and maybe it has something to do with that, does anyone know??? i am 24 and i smoke, i had a miscarriage in december of 2004, just a few months ago. i have three living kids and i have had 3 abortions. i also have a bicornuate uterus. somebody please help!!!!
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No one on the internet can really tell you anything except to go to your doctor.  Saturating more than a pad an hour for more than a couple hours or so merits a visit or call to the doc.

There are hormones in the Nuva Ring, so it is possible that it is in some way contributing to your dysfunctional bleeding, but only a doctor can tell you what is causing it.
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Have your thyroid checked.  If you were older, it happens sometimes.  Better to get check out  :)
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I was just wondering if you got that checked out by a Doctor?
I am also using the nuvaring and having the same problems but worse. I went to the doctor while the heavy bleeding was happening, it was so bad I thought I was having a miscarriage. I was tested for pregnancy but it came back negative. I was told to come back in the middle of my cycle. So anyway I was just wondering what your doctor told you?
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I have been gushing blood for almost 2 years every month and have seen an ob specialist who tells me he can't find any reason for it. So he put me on a birth control pill.
Be careful to have your iron checked if this continues i've had to have iron transfusions due to so much blood loss..
I hope you get it all sorted out, it is very scary..
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