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heavy, heavy AF

I had a c section 20 mos ago. since then my periods have been really heavy and there is always a day I seem to gush blood. Well- my period came a week early this month and last night I seemed to have passed a lot of blood- that seemed really red.  Now that I am up it does not seem to be flowing so strong.   I don't have any pain- slight cramping.  I am not sure whether I should go to the ER or not- hate to go if it is just my period! Just seems odd there was so, so much. BTW- I know I am not pregnant.
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I see that MedHelp deleted where I tried to type the 'period' and the word 'com.'  Typical.
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I found a website that talks about heavy periods.  I hope that it shows up in this post, because MedHelp usually deletes links.


I posted the link without "http://" (without the (") of course) in front of the word "womens" and after the word menorrhagi, type in a period followed by the word "htm" NOT *******

I hate for it to be complicated, but just trying to get around MedHelp deleting a website link.  When I went through the heavy bleeding, which I had since I had my very first period.  I found when I was 28 years old, that I had a fibroid tumor that was the size of a 16 week fetus.  Since I was through having babies at that time, I went ahead and decided on a partial hysterectomy, sparing my ovaries.  Of course, there are other reasons for heavy bleeding, but if you are still interested in having another baby, you may need to be on birth control pills for awhile.  It really helps lighten the flow drastically.

Good luck to you...
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     I had my first c section 24 years ago. The heavy flow has more to do with having babies. I bleed so much at night I can't have nice sheets or pajamas. Make sure you ask your doctor though.
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Are you currently taking birth control pills? The reason I ask is you may need to get on the birth control pill to try to regulate this. My mom had this problem years ago as she started going through the change (I'm not saying that is your problem) she was gushing blood all the time and she was put on the pill to regulate her periods and that in turn slowed down the bleeding tremendously. Just a thought.
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