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heavy proplonged bleeding with clots/clumps, normal?

I'm in my late 40s, I had 3 huge fibroids(looked like 23 weeks preg) , 10 small in my uterus pockets.I was told that I should get my uterus removed(since Im old, cant have kids so why keep worry) but I choose to have Myomectomy knowing that worst come to come the docs will have to remove uterus. Anyho,my 6 hours surgery was success(Sep 2017). My periods have been normal first but then missed one, late other, missed again and now it has been 12 days that Im on my period(first few days light,then heavy and now clots) I'm concerned.
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Well, I'm not sure based on your passed with fibroids.  Could it be a repeat of that?  I WILL say that I was surprised as I entered the pre menopause years that my period got much heavier than it ever had been. My doctor says that s a normal pattern.  Maybe a call to your ob/gyn would be helpful to know if you should be seen or not.
I dont think I will have an over grown fibroids again or even fibroids as Im in the late 40s(my doc told me same) but Im just worried---I did not have any periods in Feb, and then I had it on 23rd--light--normal and in the past one week heavy with clots. Its been 12 days. I made appointment already but its late
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Women get fibroids in their late 40's and in fact, it is more common to get them as you age.  But you are seeing your doctor which is good.  Again, I also have irregular bleeding as I've aged.  I'm a few years older than you and I will have a light, short period one month and the next, it is like HOLY COW. Crazy heavy with clots and cramps.  A simple ovarian cyst can cause this too if you are passing it.  So, these are just possibilities to discuss with your doctor if  you are seeing them soon.  Let us know how it goes.
unfortunately  the earliest app I got was end of April :( Ovarian cyst? I did not think of it. Can it pass through?
Yes.  This happened to me.  It was like a really painful period with cramps and clots. Very heavy.  sorry you can't get in sooner.  If you keep bleeding, i'd call and see if you an move to an earlier appointment.
Thank you- So far I'm still bleeding-not painful but some cramps. Thank God no dizziness but Im tired always. Should I add iron in my diet? I have no insurance so I have no choice but to wait as the clinic I goto is for people like me and its over booked. Im trying to see if I can get hold for my PCP. Worst comes to worst I will goto a private gyn-
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