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help me wean myself off depo provera

ive been on the depo injection for about 3years now,i desperately want to get off it but its like im addicted ,i mean da side effects are awful-manic depression,anti social,weight gain no periods,everytime my next shot is due i say ill never get another 1 but da symptoms i get when im like 1 or 2 days overdue for my shot are so terrible i run an get another 1 what can i do to wean myself off it
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i want to be capable of gettin pregnant as and when im ready and not have to wait for this poison to get out of my system ,readin diffrent stories i realise it could take years ,i feel like such a loser for getting it in the first place i wasnt told how it could really affect me
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I agree, you should go see your Dr. and he can help you. Make sure you tell him/her all of the symptoms and he may beable to help you with some of them. For example, he may be able to give you a low dose of antidepresants that are safe for you and your future baby. Or it may just take some time to get your body used to not having the shot. You may just have to wait it out for a few months till everything gets back to normal. It may take a year or more or jsut a few months. Everybodys body reacts differently.
I'm sure your Dr. will have some ideas to help you. If he does give you some meds, make sure you ask what the side effects are. Alot of times they won't tell you...you need to ask.
And tell him you are thinking or could be pregnant so you can get on some prenatal vitamins right away. If you cant get in to see your Dr. right away then go to Walmart or your local drug store and get some there, or at the very least get on some folic acid! Extremly importnant in those first 4 weeks of pregnancy...before you know you are even pregnant.
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