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help me please

i am having axiety for the first time.  i get nervous that i am going to keep feeling this way.  i do take zanax when needed but i want it to go way.  today was a bad day.  just sitting here i got heart pounding, weak, and light headed.  i am nervous because i have a 6 year old home with me and do not like the way i feel.  i took a zanax and it helped alittle but am still nervous.  i am scared that somthing will happen when i am alone with him. on top of it i have a virus thats been going on for 4 weeks now.  i wound up in the emergency room 2 weeks ago and they did all these tests and only found a virus.  i went to the doctor the following week and he gane me a beta blocker, stomach pill for nausia, and the zanax.  also i quit smoking 2 weeks ago and have been getting sharp, dull pains in chest/lungs and middle upper back.  l feel like i am going crazy.  i just want to feel better.  i am only 25 and feel like i am 70.  im always a nervous person but this is really rediculous.  i want to get back to me normal self.  please help!!
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you should try going over to the mental health board i just saw they have an anxiety forum.
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thank u but do you think that withdrawl lasts that long?  i heard it only lasts about a week.
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After 3 days without smoking all the nicotine is out of your system. Is there a tightness in your chest? A stress tightness? It may just be anxiety. If so an anti-depressant would be something that may help. I dealt with panic attacks for about 10 months so I know how bad things can get. Are you afraid? Do stange thoughts go through your head? Do you feel like you really going insane?
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yes i do think that it is anxiety.  i do have zanax that the doctor gave me.  i take it when i need it but i dont want to get hooked on them.
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Hi Tacd,

I'm SO sorry to hear that you feel so bad! What kind of doctor is giving you the Zanax? Is he or she a specialist in mental health? Because if he's not, you really need to consider seeing a doc who is a specialist. He can decide a lot more effectively the kind of meds will work best for you. Please consider my suggestion! I think you'll feel a lot better once he gives you the right stuff.
And I am worried about you writing that being with the 6 year old child worries you. Maybe I read it wrong. Do you mean that because you feel so bad yo're afraid to be with the kiddo in case you get sicker? Or do you mean that you're afraid what you might do to the child because you're around him or her because you feel bad?
Please go get some help from a mental health specialist!! It doesn't mean you're crazy. It just means you need help that a regular doctor isn't trained to do.
Good luck Tacd,

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no i just ment that im scared to feel bad around him.  i fear that if i have a panic attack or something that i am alone with him and cant take care of him.  that something will happen to me and he wont know what to do or he panics.  the zanax he gave me was for anxiety. i do feel like i have allot .
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Hey again, please take the time to go to the doctor and get an anti-depressant. Zoloft is what helped me but when the panic first started the doctor had me on 6 different meds in 6 months b/c they had no idea how to help me.

If you let anxiety turn into panic it will soon turn into agoraphobia(sp). I couldn't leave me house at night. No one should have to feel that way!

Good luck and please keep everyone updated. One more thing, lay off caffine, it speeds up your heart. If you need to know anything else, feel free to email me...***@****
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thank you for your concern. i talked to the doctor the other day because i did not like how i felt after i would take the zanax he perscribed.  i would cry for no reason uncontrolably and feel depressed.  when i didnt take it i felt ok.  he gave it to me to help me sleep and only when i needed it but i still did not like the way i felt.  i also asked him about the virus medication he gave me and the betablocker.  basically he said to continue what i was doing and if there was no improvements in a month that i would have to get more blood tests done and probably put on a longer lasting med for the anxiety.  i dont know.  i dont like being on all this med.  so i decieded that i was gong to stop taking everything to see how i felt.  Yesterday i felt pretty good all day. very low anxiety and not feeling too sick.  alittle light headed but nothing other.  last night  felt good going to sleep but again could not stay asleep.  i woke up at 4:30 with this wierd feeling like being scared or dizzy and it would come back every time that i tried to fall asleep.  i refuse to take the zanax because i want to be able to get back to myself and  dont like the way that it make me feels.  so, i basically got very little sleep and am very tired and lightheaded today.  alittle anxious  and felt nausious this morning.  i dont want to take a nap cause then i will really be kept up.  i think that i am getting better.  i hope so.
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hi tacd. i too take medication for anxiety as i mentioned at some other post. i was taking lorezipam and while i HATE taking anything, even asprin,i was VERY anxious. it seriously worked for me. it took the edge off, i was more relaxed and i didnt even notice i was on anything. it kept me in check/balanced. i saw my gyno not to long ago and let her know of my anxiety/nervousness and she prescribed me zanax. i HAVE to be careful because i get that name confused with the heartburn med. anyway, i tried it a couple of times but the lorezipam seems to "agree" w. me better. always talk w. your dr. to be sure the right meds. are reacting okay w. you because some work some do not w. your body chemistry.
glad you are feeling better than some of your other posts!!
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Just had a quick glance through your thread and thought Woah! Hang on a sec, it's no wonder you aren't feeling yourself, you quit smoking and you had a virus and you are also a mom (which itself brings daily anxiety!) so it sounds like quite a build up.  Then you start panicking because you feel anxious and it all gets worse.  You are also on medication which may be creating some of these side effects and the whole lot together could be what is making you feel this way and then also making you feel worse.  

I'd really like to offer you some support but I have a couple of questions. When did you first feel anxiety?  - Can you think of what triggered that? What happened to start it off? Also, what is Zanax prescribed for & when did you first start taking it? What are the side effects of it? Also, are you still using the beta blocker? I know there are alot of questions here but sometimes it helps to go back to the beginning & work through to get the answer you need. I think for you it is a combination of things that built up and are now actually making you worse - but nothing that can't be dealt with so don't worry. Sit back, think about these questions and we can go from there!
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well its been a while since i wrote and the anxiety is still there.  in fact i think it may be getiing worse.  i stopped taking all the medication the doctor has me on including the zanax for anxiety.  i felt really depressed on the zanax.  i started feeling the anxiety when i stopped smoking and didnt feel well with the virus.  also even more 2 weeks after i quit and still had the virus, my husband went back to work and is working 12 hr days and that makes it worse.  i dont drive so i am inth house most of the week. the past 2 weeks its been tough because even though the virus feels like it is gone, the anxiety is really kicking in.  i cant even go out with out feeling real anxious.
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Although it might not feel like it, coming off the medication is probably for the best at the moment, it'll give your body time to recover and sort itself out. Having been through stress and stress related anxiety myself I would thoroughly recommend you look into doing a number of things: Firstly, reflexology is great for calming, relaxing and allowing your body to heal itself. Only one note of caution here - make sure whoever delivers this is properly qualified, any profesional therapist should do a full consultation with you before any treatment - if they don't, don't use them! I'm not sure where you are based but you should be looking for someone with a suitable nationally recognised qualification.

Secondly, yoga and breathing exercises help by giving you a tactic for being in control of your body when you feel the anxiety rising. You'd be suprised how much anxiety is related to tension in the body and by learning how to control your breathing you can really learn to recognise the warning signs and act before it gets too bad. And the good thing is you can learn this at home from a book or dvd etc

Finally, exercise and nutrition. Being healthy in the body is half the battle to being healthy in the mind. If in doubt read any of Louise Hays books! If you are looking after children, maybe take them to the park, have a game of something, go for walks etc. Being around other positive people helps, I don't know what your socal circle is like but if you have positive women friends, make use of them! being stuck on your own in the house all day is bound to make you feel crappy :-(

Is any of this helpful???!
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there is this really great internet site that has all sorts of tools to help with anxiety.. such as bi-aural beats .. (which are sounds that pan back and forth when you listen to them via headphones and calm your nervous system), Guided Imagery, Self hypnosis, Cognitive Behavorial discussions and all sorts of really great information Free... and the person who created the site is such an outstanding individual.. a counselor for people like us with excellent qualifications. It's called: "Internet of the Mind" and has helped me sooooooooo much.

And I can completely understand why you don't like the idea of taking medications. Many of them cross the blood brain barrier and have to be withdrawn from very slowly once you've been on them for a period of time.. Most primary care Doctors aren't qualified to know what your need or I should say deserve.

A psychologist on the other hand does. And if you are nervous about going to see someone like a psychologist you can instead see a counselor.. Think of it not so much as some thing you 'need' because you have 'problem' but more something you 'deserve' because you are worth it!

I'm not affliated with internetofthemind outside of having a blog on their site as one of the people who is working hard to overcome my own challenges in life.. just so you know I don't get anything from suggesting to you the site except help.. which has done me a world of good..

Much love, *Kathy
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