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help please

there's smell coming out from the lower part of my body, i dont know from where exactly! Is it the vigina or my thighs, i take shower every day couple of minutes later i start smelling it again! I change my underwear it doesn't smell of anything and looks clean too! The skin between my thighs is very smoth no irritation or anything similar Its wierd recently my roommate can smell it too so im not crazy im really troubled by this. rarley i itch like crazy between th inner thighs and just above me knees, no rash or redness or anything unusual , the skin there is darker than the rest of my body though....And im virgin!
Pls help i thought it's the moist so i put baby powder and wear cotton underwear but still the same

i'm very embarrassed to go the gp, and im sure she'll say there's nothing with me, after telling her something even my mum doesn't know about
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Check for a yeast or other infection with your doctor. Nothing to be ashamed of. All women get smells there. It is a moist warm area and bacteria thrive in that climate. Your vagina has both good and bacteria in it. I deveoped an infection from drinking Kefir a probiotic...thank goodness for sites like this because when I googled what I thought it was, an answer from this site popped up.
Show your mom the post if you can't actually SAY the words to her...
Good luck
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Most likely discharge or you're period  
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