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i have been suffering from Anorexia for five years, and the last two of those years developed bulimia as welll. im 23 years old. after 5 years, i broke down and asked my mom for help, becasue my hair is falling out and my weight has consumed everry part of my life, I cant be happy or function if my bodies not tiny and thin. Im scared out of my mind, to let go of my eating disorder (although im finally ready) but i just dont for-see me being able to be happy and not depressed if i gain weight,  can someone recovering from this ever truly be happy, i suffer from alcohol abuse and am a perrfectionist and my happiness has always ben depedant on my looks, but my body is falling apart, So what is the best advice you can give me now that i have stopped being in denial and am finally seeing what everyone around me is telling me? i moved in with my mom, told her all my habits, and going to see a homeopathic doctor on tuesday..i know therapy is supose to help but i went in the past fo this and was able to manipulate her? will i ever really be better? i dont want to die? and how can i get better and healthy without falling into depression, since recovery will mean i will have to put on weight?
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Hi there, it seems that you have some deep pyschological issues, with food, drink and how you view your body..it is great that you have told your Mom, and that you are going to see a Homeopathic doctor.

Anorexia and Bulimia are both mental illnesses, I think that you will need a lot of professiona;l help to beat these illnesses. You need to attack it maybe with a few different doctors perhaps? Like a dietician to help you understand about feeding your body back to health, it doesn't necessarily mean eating high fat foods to up your weight, I think the issue is to nourish your body with the right foods to get your bones strong, your hair growing back and all the vitamins and minerals that a young woman needs..

You need to attack the diet side, and the pyschological issues you have, maybe from a pyschiatrist or pyschologist..you can't do one without the other..you will need 100 percent support from your family too..

This will be the fight of your life, and if you really want to do it you will!
There can be life after anorexia and you can be happy, believe!

Good Luck and Hugs!!
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you are in the same pedicament as a freind of mine she is 21 and has anrexia, she told her mom when it got to the point she was weighing out 10g of food a day, she has now been admitted to hospital and has been in for over a month things got worse before the got better however she is finaly starting to accept food as a part of her life and seeing he self as we have don all along a betiful person and a grat freind she has a long way to go but will get there evental its not easy but i can promise you it will be worth it in the end .
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