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hi. im totally confused.

last month my period started march 3 but until now i havent got my period for this month and its almost end of april.  had a pt 4 days ago but it says negative. why is it like that? been searching for symptoms of pregnancy but i am not experiencing any of them.. what could this be?
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Hi.  Our hormones control so much!  Most women will have an off period here or there in their life.  Things that can make us late include stress, changes in routine, illness, weight gain or loss and any blip in the hormones.  With the current world pandemic, perhaps you've been stressed or like many of us, had your daily life upended? This really can make us late.  I would wait a full week and if you still don't have your period, take another pregnancy test.  Pregnancy tests are accurate about 2.5 weeks after sex.  So, you will begin to know you haven't tested too early.   Doctors like women to have periods at least every 3 months.  If this is still going on at that time, call your doctor about it.  They can check your hormone levels via a blood test.  But my guess is your period will show long before then.
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