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hormone imbalance?mirena crash? or going crazy?

Hello to all,
I am a 32 yr old woman who eats healthy and goes to the gym 5 days a week. I removed the mirena in November and had on and off spoting, but never thought a problem, 3 weeks ago I thought I was having a reaction to the nicotine patch (rash, fever) to go to the er and have the doc tell me he thought I was having a heart attack due to my also present back pain near shoulders, I freak out and go into full blown panic attack , body shaking, 3 doses of atavan later I'm sent home with no answers just a recommendation for welbutron. I see my regular doc , she says panic attack have xanax and cylexa ( I don't take either still didn't feel like the answer) 2 weeks ago I get a UTI they put me on bactrim( I'm allergic to penicilin guess this also means you can be allergic to bactrim) I get increasingly sick but more fatigue , muscle pain which felt it was coming from my veins , and complete lack of appetite, 4 days later I'm in er because I can't get off couch , they say stop antibiotic somewhat allergic. 1 week ago I start what feels like a period brought on the same day I was standing next to a stranger who put on to much cologne and had to rush home because I felt like I was going to vomit , only to find my period , and me jumping for joy as that super human smell only happened to me once before when I was with child. The symptoms in total have been nausea as in complete loss of appetite , heart palpitations, sensitive skin , rashes, acne, anxiety ( that is mind blowing and body trembling), depression, muscle weakness, blurry vision, brain fog, and when the panic attack starts it's like I can feel it at the back of my neck ugh, I've also had a pain in my right side ( I attribute to antibiotic) along with tiny stools (irregular) and gas in stomach constant feeling of needing to burp after I eat.
What I have done to help,
Drinking tons of water
Working out an hour and half 5 days a week
Taking a natural supplement called "Stress-Defy" which I believe is helping with mental clarity but also making me a bit tired
I tried a natural supplement called DIM-plus but right after I took it I noticed body jerking while I slept and more heart palpitations and extreme anxiety, so I stopped taking it. My other theory on that was that my body may be producing too much progesterone causing heart palps and that DIM works for estrogen dominance.
I also have cut alcohol (which for a moment one glass of wine was doing the trick for anxiety and making me feel like my old self), caffine, and chocolate, and smoking.

I apologize if this is a bit long winded just feel as if I'm at my wits end, keep teasing my roommate that her list of symptoms to be checked before calling the white coats must be getting close to full, as I fear when she leaves me alone and rarely let her.

Anyone who has been through anything close to this I would love some advice, a time line, a natural remedy , anything that will ease, my best guess is hormone imbalance brought on by mirena.
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i had many issues with anxiety etc u just described...
i taken several different pills, nothing seemed to help, finally i was on citalopram for 1.5 years, and slowly cut them out, but put on 3 stones...
now i take 1000 mg magnesium, 1000 mg calcium, 1000 mg c vitamin, b complex, acai berry, green tea,
when i left citalopram my breast grow to massive size, and got really painful, i can't relieve water,  my water retention is really high:(
i also started to have heart palpitation, mood swings, when i taken dim plus as well, seems like it helped me, but maybe it doenst work for all people
i dud recommend that taking b complex magnesium, and calcium might help, but sometimes finding the right anti depressant can help
i hope after 1,5 years on citalopram i can finally forget about them, if u want to write me regards to your problems just to share it I'm happy to listen because i know how u feel as i gone thought the same
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