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how can i over come my hairloss???

hi...... i am 19 years old............. i am losing my hairs from almost 4_5 years ........... now i am soo worried about it
....... 4 years ago i had an issue of polysists .... but now my ultrasound reports are clear..........my reports shows that i have deficiency of vitamin d badly and  midly low hb.............. plzzz help me ........ i am feeling like i am giving up my life  with this hair loss ............ plzz help me :(
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Sorry about your hair loss. That's frustrating and really hard on a female!  You say you have a deficiency of vitamins.  Which ones?  Deficiency in Vitamin D is well known to be linked to alopecia or hair loss.  Another issue that women sometimes have is that they don't eat enough calories or protein for hair.  So, in general, how is your diet? Being low in zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and protein can all lead to hair loss, unfortunately.  But you can change your diet and begin supplements to help.  

What does hb stand for? Are you stressed out or anxious?  That can also lead to hair loss.  

And please know this can get better.  If you are thinking of self harm, please reach out.  hugs
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Yup its deficiency of vitamin d ... n also rbc..... if u send me any personal contact ... then it will easy for me to send my reports to u .... i am in big trouble .... plz help
Plz help .... !
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Oh, that's okay.  I don't need to see your personal report and do caution you for offering anything personal like that to strangers on the internet including things like email address or contact information.  Keep that stuff private.

So, if you say "yup, vitamin D" . . .   well, what about supplementing vitamin D??  What about supplements in general?  Talk to your doctor about that.  This seems an easy (ish) remedy.  
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I have talked  to my doctor  ... he said i must need therapies .... but i am not able enough to affort that therapy ...... so if u recomend any supplement then it will easy for me to resolve my problem
That doesn't make sense.  If you have a vitamin deficiency, you'd need vitamin supplements. What therapy was he referring to?
I don't  know why is he saying that ..... as he said that i am too much low in my defensive/immune  system .... i don't  know what to do .... that's  the only reason  i have talked about my issue here ..... if u recommend  any supplyment then it will beneficial  for me ....!
Any multi vitamin and add some extra D.  
Ok ..!
Androgenetic alopecia
Your issue is this and  its treatment is Anti oxidant injections therapy and with organic oral  biotin and oils for hair care  ....

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Oh, okay. That's different than vitamin deficiency.  Here's information on androgenic alopecia https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/hair-loss-types#1.  Both men and women get it and in men, it's called male pattern hair loss.  I guess you can start the supplements if your doctor says okay for good measure.  But, it probably won't help too much if vitamins aren't the issue.  Alopecia is harder to treat.  I caution you against things like rogaine because once you start using it you have to keep doing so or the hair you have grown will fall out.  

Can you get a second opinion? Your doctors recommendations sounds like things he does in his office to make money.  :>)  Normally I trust doctors but this is kind of strange.  You can make your own antioxidant with green tea and drink it.  Just do a google search and you will get the info to do that on your own since you say you can't afford the doctor's in office 'therapies'.  And biotin and oils for hair.  Well, I'm not sure how that treats alopecia.  I'm not a doctor though. Personally, I think you can use biotin oils (caster, grape, coconut) yourself. Google how to do this too and save money.  

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