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how easy is it really??

Here's the thing,  my bf came to see me july 13-15, which counting from my first period starting, those days above were supposed to be the peak days of ovulation, on the 13th of july was 14th day of my period, now, he and I, we did NOT have sex, but I am worried of the chances. We were being "intimate" and he came on the side of my leg (thigh), so I wash my hands and wipe off my leg.  So, now that he finished, I didn't think that I was in any danger, So, a couple of minutes after, We switched positions so I was on top.  He did not penetrate me yet, but, he made sure that he was 'dry' (no pre-***), so, he entered for only 3 seconds, then slipped out. He told me that he slipped out as soon as he felt like he was getting wet.  And also this, and in between all of this activity, I gave him oral, and he used 2 fingers...which weren't perfectly clean, to enter me. Now this is the exact question:  what are the chances of getting pregnant on these peak days with all of this activity??

Because I would think that the chances are slim if he did not completely *** inside.
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You were during your most fertile time.  You did not use protection.  He had just come and then put his penis inside your vagina.  Yes, you can get pregnant from that.
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are you positively sure??  because its not like his hands were covered with it..., its just that he didn't wash his hands every time.  
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if his penis went in... i would be worried
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I would say it was your peak days and you were having unprotected sex with him..in my opinion the chances are great that you could become pregnant, but we will know soon if you are...best wishes that the outcome is what you want...
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