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how soon trying to get pregnant after miscarriage

I've read in my prgenancy books and on forums and I've been told by doctors to wait 1 to 3 cycles before trying to get pregnant again after having had a miscarriage recently. But there doesn't seem to be any research to back this up...no one can tell me if there's a medical risk if I get pregnant sooner. Does anyone know? I am 36 years old and had a m/c on my first pregnancy last month and I'm eager to try again. If it's for emotional reasons that people say to wait, well getting pregnant again will make me feel better as that was my goal, but I don't want to have an increased risk of another m/c by getting pregnant too soon. But time is an issue b/c I am 36 and just starting to have children now. I know this all may be pointless if I don't ovulate again soon, but hoping thinsg get back to normal soon. I had a natural m/c and my hcg levels are almost back to normal or zero. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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i had a friend who mis carried her first pregnancy she was about two months. She waited two cycles before trying again, and did get pregnant but around her 5 months later things went wrong and she lost the baby. The doctor told her she should had waited a little longer to get pregnant so her body and cycles could get back on track, but she wanted a baby so bad she tried again when she felt like she could do it.  So i guess the best thing to do is to wait a few cycles and once everything seems to be back on track and the doctor gives you the okay you can try again. Best of wishes i hope i helped some.

- Melissa
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Ok. Good to hear your friend's story as I was about to try sooner than even getting my first period after the recent m/c. I had planned to wait one cycle but then decided this weekend not to wait just b/c I am so eager to get pregnant again, but now I guess I should wait at least one cycle. It's just that I read some women's stories how they got pregnant very soon after a m/c (less than a month after), so maybe it's variable but best to wait at least one month. Thanks for your comment.
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Dear everyone on board,
  This is my first time writing on this, but I have read so things and I just lost my first child. I want that back I want to feel it growing inside of me. We only made it to 12 weeks, and i am still really upset by all if this. But now I find my self upset that other people have children, because we lost ours. I am just ready to try again but my doc, says to wait 3 months before we try again. Is that true? I wish we could try sooner.
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Where did you read or hear about the 50% chance of having another miscarriage b/c I have not read ot been told that in my research on this topic. If anything, I've read there is not an increased risk of having another miscarriage after having one, and it goes up only a little after a 2nd, but perhaps the risk goes up a lot more if after 3, 4, and 7 m/c. The risk for the general population for having one miscarriage is 1/5 for women below age 35 and 1/4 for above age 35, though not sure if even greater risk for over age 40.

My dilemna now after having had one m/c is how long to wait to try to conceive again and that seems to be so variable, but I've decided that common sense is to wait one cycle and not much more given my age of 36 and so increased risk of other problems (i.e., fertility issues, genetic disorders with baby, etc.) if don't try soon.
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I am a mother of one and Have had 7 miscarriages, Yes 7.  Yes, after you have one miscarriage you have a 50% chance to have another.  After a miscarriage depnding on how far a long you are you should at least wait 2 cycles.  After a miscarriage ask your doctor and don't feel shy when you should try again.  No matter what some one says you can still be pregnant before your period is late.  I was told by my aunt once when I was younger that some woman can have a miscarriage once a month with out evan knowing it.  I researched this and it is true.  One out of every 3 or 4 pregnancys end for many reasons in miscarriage.
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I too had a m/c...I was eleven weeks.  It was extremely hard, especially because I had started bleeding the week before the m/c.  I went to the hospital thinking that the pregnancy was over, and they gave me great news.  I saw the baby moving, everything looked normal, the baby's heart rate was 155 (which apparently, when it is over 100, your chance of m/c is about 10%), everyhting was normal, except for the bleeding.  I proceeded to see my obgyn and he too said the heart rate and size and everything was fine.  Then four days later, the same thing happened.  I started bleeding again, went to the hospital, but this time I thought it was nothing again, cause I had been reassured by both the hospital staff and my obgyn, but the baby's heart stopped bleeding.  I had a DNC and they told me to follow up with my doctor in 6 weeks, and that I should get my period in 4-6 weeks.  Well, I did follow up, and avoided trying to conceive until I spoke to my doctor.  When I did speak to him, he did an exam and said that I had to eggs ready to pop and it was possible to have twins that month.  He told me if I wanted babies to just try right away. Not to wait.  I went home all excited, thinking that it would happen right away.  It didn't:(...I thought I might be pregnant, becasue it was 9 weeks after my m/c and I still hadn't gotten my AF.  I took a test only to find out that it was negative.  I thought OK, it'll happen nect month.  Well, this is next month and I know my AF is coming.  It sucks.  
Now that I know I can try again, with the blessing of my doctor, that's all I've been doing.  I got pregnant the first time trying, but now when I really want it, its not happening.
I say try right away...I'm kicking myself for not trying the first few weeks after my m/c.
I guess it'll happen when its meant to happen, but it becomes such a roller coaster ride.
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To Baby on Board, thanks for sharing your story and sorry about your loss and troubles. Stay hopeful as I do hear about so many successful full term pregnancies after a first miscarriage. I appreciated hearing that your doctor told you not to wait as I kind of went against everyone's advice and started trying before my next period (which I haven't gotten yet). When I first saw that I was ovulating by an at home test last week, I didn't try to get pregnant though it was tempting b/c I worried about possible miscarriage risk if tried too soon. But then 2 days later I said the hell with it and my husband and I had sex so don't know if I missed the window of ovulation time or I'll have problems getting pregnant again this time. It took me 2 months last time and you said on your first month trying, so that's good I think to know we both are fertile and hopefully decreased chances of problems conceiving, but remember healthy couples with no prior difficulties often take a few months to conceive anyway. It's easier for me to tell someone else that, but believe me I'm very eager for it to happen again too, so need to remind myself these things. Good luck and let me know if you get pregnant again soon!
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Update: I did get pregnant again about 3 weeks following the early m/c but then now 2 weeks later just had another early m/c. I'm sad and the midwife was kind of upset that I did not wait but I never learned any real info/research to support waiting. But here I am with my story that ended in another m/c perhaps b/c I did not wait long enough or maybe just by chance again as 1/4 women over age 35 have a chance of m/c each time. Although I hate to wait even longer now, I guess I will to try that approach now before trying to get pregnant again.
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I'm new to this sight, I just lost my baby on Friday July 7th. I found this on the march of dimes webpage. Hope this will help clear things up.

A woman should not attempt to become pregnant again until she is physically and emotionally ready and she has completed any tests recommended to determine the cause of the miscarriage. Medically, it appears safe to conceive after a woman has had one normal menstrual cycle (if she is not undergoing tests or treatments for the cause of her miscarriage). However, it may take much longer before a woman feels emotionally ready to attempt pregnancy.

Many women who have experienced miscarriage worry that they will miscarry again. Fortunately, the great majority of women who have had one miscarriage will go on to have a successful pregnancy the next time, as will 60 to 70 percent of those who have experienced two or three losses.

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im 21 years of age and had my first miscarriage at 6 wks and 4 days it was the hardest thing for me to accept. they couldnt find the heartbeat. i want to try again asap i really want one that i can love, hold and charish for the rest of my life. what do i need to do? someone please help me thru this, this really hearts.
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Well I am 21 years old and I have a 2.5 year old daughter. I was pregnant last month and I was so anxious to know because I was a few days late. I was indeed pregnant and so excited. The next day or so I began to feel severe abdominal pain. The pains sudsided the next day but came back the day after that. I went to the doctor and they said I was fine and the pregnancy was ok also, it was the change of my body that was causing my pain they said. I knew that was false. The next day or two I m/c. I was about 6 weeks pregnant. The strange thing was that the bleeding lasted only a 5 days like a period. Now I have been waiting for a period and nothing. I have the breast tenderness and some feelings of sickness in the mornings. Today I took a pregnancy test because I just had that feeling and both tests I took were positive. I am so scared and confused. Could I actually be pregnant again so fast? I am going to make a doctors appointment.
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I m/c also 5 weeks ago, and had no period yet.
I too think I'm pregnant again.
Done 2 tests both negative at 4 weeks (last week)

All my symptoms have come back too, I feel same as last time.

Does anyone think I am and that I just need to wait a week or two?
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