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i dont know what to think what do you think ?!

What up i had my last period in july (1-8) then had sex july 10th, i did not see my period none august! nor september. One day in september on a friday i got hit real hard in the stomach playing basketball, when i got home the same day i use the rest room and whipped and seen blood it wasnt like a menstruel period because it would have mest up my clothes like always so it was pretty weird i got scared because im thinking im pragnant. i went to the OB/GYN friday on the 30th of sept. my OB did a pep smear and took blood did a pregnancy test it came back negative (urine test).. so they think its amenorrhea.and they got me taking medroxyprogesterone. and put me on birth control and ran disease test. and the one i had intercourse with he say he nutted in me two times i believe one or two. can i be pregnant with a false urine result??
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Yes you most deff. can be pregnant with a false urine result
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Do you think there's a possibility I can be.?
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Do you have any symptoms of being pregnant? If you feel you got a wrong result from the urine test you should talk to your doctor an they can do a blood preg. test I think you should deff. let them know how your feeling before you start that birthcontrol it could be harmful to the baby if you did get a fulse neg. result
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Yes I do, I have headaches and I don't really have them like that. I discharge more and can feel when I discharge, I sleep alot when Im usually active, no period still yet.stay congested, not comfortable at night sometimes when i sleep.but it have slowed down with headaches, tho.
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And im realizing my mood changes
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