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i really want to know if im prego or whats up

Alright if anyone an help and come up wiht anything id be greatly appreciative.

So heres whats up, I have a history of missing my periods mostly a month sometimes 2 the odd occasion 3 but 3 is very unlikly. Im on to 4 months now and im having EXTREME emotional issues one minute im happy next im sad im like WOAH WTF. lol. my mom was all worried because she acted the same way when she was preggers with me. Now im 4 months late im over weight a little so its kinda hard to tell if i gained weight but i think i did and my tummys getting a tiny bit hard. my boobs seem bigger but there not sore. I took two home prego tests both came back negative..one i took at night and the other in the morning(the first pee of the day) im not sure what to do cause im stumpped.
So ladies...what do you think? BTW if i didnt mention yet missing periods is a hereditary thing in my family....but usually i dont miss so many months
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wow. id say go to the gyno n get a blood pregnancy test ...if that helps any
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i would also recommend to see the doctor or try one more pregnancy test .
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Hi. Same thing with me. but 3months late on my period then it finally came on July 10th but it was really heavy bleeding. Then my doctor got me on Birthcontrol pills and it HELP ALOT! :)))  but... yeah i agree with MotherNatureHatesMe91. i could say MotherNature hates me too. LOL...

But yeah i didnt think i was preggo... the more you think about it. you body goes into TRICK mode... so yeah get it checked out.
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its just super weired lol thanks ladies im hoping to go to the gyno soon damn doctors and their waiting lists lol.... iunno what to exspect :(.... and mosimms i think i may have to have birth control pills too if im not prego the thing is im like super bitchy and emotional WAYY worse then when im on my rag or PMSing  lol
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BTW lol if i knew when my month usually comes i think it would be a little easier on me but since its always more like one of those inlaws that just drop by with a "hello im here: kinda thing im like gahh come on give me a break
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