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i think i might be pregnant

so i anal sex, and he didnt *** inside of me but after he did he put it back in with some on it. and when he fingered me he did it really hard and it started to bleed just a little. and now im scared i might be pregnant. because last last month i had my period 3 days late. and last month i had it 4 days early. and ive missed my period by 4 days now. and im worried i might be. im only 15 so i cant tell my parents or get a test. and ive talk to him about it and he said i shouldnt worry nd my best friend said i should worry either. so i dont know what to do.

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He put it inside you through your anus or your vagina?
You cannot get pregnant through anal sex but if he put his penis back in your vagina with *** on it you may be pregnant. Sperm can live in the vagina for 1-5 days.
you don't **** out babies.

If he put it in your vagina, you should try talking to an adult that you trust who won't flip out on you or someone that you trust that is 17 or older. That way, they can go to the pharmacy and get plan b (morning after pill) for you. Don't stress TOO much or else that may mess up your menstrual cycle or you may even skip it.

good luck
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If you got *** near your vagina there is a chance you could be pregnant. Go to your local drugstore and pick up a home pregnancy test to be sure. Best of luck.
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You can get pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store these days. Not sure how accurate they are.
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no my back hole. but then why havent i started my period?
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if you've been stressing alot that may delay your period.
Also, you're only 15 so your cycle may not be completely stable yet.
I've had a friend who missed her period for 5 months straight and she wasn't pregnant
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so i could miss this whole month?
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You could miss more than just a month. Before 25, your body is still working on regulating the hormones. I've gone 7 months without a period. You could get more than one period a month. You yourself said your periods aren't always on the same days, and come early and late. Stressing won't make it any easier. Because you're only 15, I doubt you're ready for the consequences of sex. Of any kind. Sit down and make sure this is something you want to do. Don't let anyone pressure you into it. Make sure that the few minutes of pleasure you might get are worth the weeks of worry you get, or what might happen IF you did wind up pregnant.
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