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i want my period back but nothing works

hi. i havent had my period for 4 years straight. my doc didnt do nothing about it since recently, he put me on abunch of diff pills, metformin,medroxyprogesterone,birth control and nothing bought my period back, im just wondering if the depo caused this, ive been on the depo after my baby was born in dec,02 and got off it in oct,05 and havent been on any birth control since.i had a cyst removed a few months after my baby was born, it was the size of a softball, it was sitting on top of my right ovary, i wonder if that had anything to do with my missed period, i went for an appointment a month ago and they said my pituatary gland or how ever u spell it was imbalanced,what does that mean? they also said my ovaries were sleeping? wut couldve caused all this, i am only 19 turning 20 this august? can anyone give me some adive, i really want to give my lil girl what she`s been asking for.(a lil sister). Thanks alot, i appreciate it. i really wanna know wut is causeing my delayed periods? thanks again....
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If I read your question correctly, you got off Depo in Oct 05.  It can take up to 18 months to get your periods back after stopping Depo.  Pituitary problems can also give you problems with your cycles.

You had your first child at age 15, and are considering another one?  Wow.  You must have a very good job/education already to be adding to your family at such a young age.  Wish I was as together as that!
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u mean u are just 15 when you had a child?  then u said 4 yrs no period??? you know what ? next time when you go to the doctor you can ask anything you want, i know its hard to understand all the medical term but you can ask the doctor to explain it to you about all your concern, they will answer  all your question politely.

   good luck

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i think you need to be more aggressive maybe seek a 2nd opinion and you may want to look at seeing a reproductive endocrenologist.  My cousin had the same thing happen and they were afraid she would never get her period back.  They thought she was in early menopause. She was 23 at the time.  If your pituitary gland is out of wack they need to see why.  at times a benign tumor on the gland itself can cause this. (this was the  case with my cousin)but sleeping ovaries are not common.. It is very frustrating to me .. at times i feel that some not all but some health care professionals tend to dismiss people just because they are young.  it is very sad and so many things can go undetected becuase of this. please let us know what happens
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She just got off Depo in Oct.  It takes time.
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i was on depo when i was 17, it took over a year for my period to come back. i would ask more questions at the docs office. If you are not comfortable asking questions you need to find a doc that you can ask. This is your body and being so young it may cause probs later in life. The docs are there to help, that is what you pay them for.
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My period has been gone for 11 months, from december 12 08'...then finally it came back december 09'. Its now feb. and i haven seen it yet. I dont know if it was from the shot gardisil i got 2 months before it went missing or what!!!! I really want children in the future but i dont know whats going on...i dont want my ovaries to shut down on me. could it be very irregular or am i in early menopause help me
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