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im pregnant an im itchin

wel im 8weeks pregnant an iv started 2 itch down there but its not the actual hole its the inner flaps!! wen i scratch it they swel kinda!! Cud this hurt the baby??? wat cud it b i dont have heavy discharge but sumtimes i have sticky discharge!! makes me feel dirty an puttin me of havin sex!!!!!
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it could be a yeast infection
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wats dat nefin i sud worrie bout??
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A yeast infection isn't serious and they're pretty common, but you need to be treated for it.  You should go to a doctor and see if that's actually what you have, and they'll probably tell you to get an over-the-counter medication for it.
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Also sometimes when you are pregnant hormones change the way your mucus membraines work...  Like alot of women complain about stuffy nose...  Me (37 weeks pregnant) have really dry nose.  I remember early on that I was also pretty dry down there as well.  But you really should get it checked out by a doctor because it very well could be some less normal like a yeast infection.  Good luck to you!
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