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is it normal for the inside of my vagina to feel swollen after being fingered

so last night my boyfriend fingered me, and i guess it was pretty rough and it kinda hurt a little but it still felt good, but it also kinda felt like he was hitting something in there...i dont really know how to explain it...i guess he just got deep in there. but anyway now the next day, it kinda hurts a little which is usually normal to feel a little sore if it was rough, but i just wanted to make sure everything was okay to i felt around inside, and it feels really swollen and it kinda feels like there is a lump, about the size of a bouncy ball inside and that has never happened before, and im honestly really scared. i looked it up and stuff came up about prolapsed bladders and it all really scared me, so i was hoping i could get some insight on here. please help me!!!!!!
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Hello and welcome.  Well, that tissue in your vagina is like any other in that if there is enough friction, trauma or ramming of objects (fingers), it will swell.  Take some ibuprofen which internally reduces immflamation (swelling) and give it a day or two to see if it feels normal again. Don't stick your fingers in there yourself to check for those few days to give it a chance to heal.  Ask your boyfriend to be more gentle.  A good thing to get in the habit of doing when sexually active is speaking up.  If something doesn't feel great or you know it has consequences you don't want to deal with, tell them. And then guide them to what feels better or what you prefer.  This is a lifetime of being vocal about your body and your likes.  :>)  Let us know if you heal soon.  
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