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is this normal

I discovered that in side of my vagina as far as i can reach there is a lump in the middle back wall, about the size of a small apple, well half of it.  It doesnt hurt to touch and has been there for a while now.  I am wondering if this is normal to have in that area and if not what would it be?  If no one knows im wondering if anyone can check that they have it there themselves?  I am really worried I am only 21...
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You need to go to the doctor, something doesn't sound right.  Good Luck!
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There should be a small knot-like area like you describe, but on the front wall - like directly behind your urethra, not towards your butt. This is the fabled "g-spot". It should be about the size of a bottlecap or so.. (sorry can't think of another description). Is this the area you're referring to?
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it could be it hopefully it is. i checked it again yesturday its a bit hard to get to ill check again and get back
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Could it just be your cervix?
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thats what i was thinking but I'm not sure if it is because it think it feels different to what i thought it should but i could be wrong
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If there is no pain, no abnormal discharge, no fever or lower abdominal aches, no abnormal bleeding, I would assume it's just your cervix.  If it concerns you, see a doc.  Or remember to ask at your next annual. It will change slightly as your cycle changes.

A good book to read that has a wealth of information on female issues, is 'The 'V' book' by Dr. Elizabeth Stewart.
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