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iud pregnancy

I got 6 weeks pregnant with IUD , and the copper is still there ( same position ), just the thread is  inside. My dortoc told me that she can't get the copper out, and i have to terminate it soon, otherwise it is high risk of pregnancy.
My question is that is it possible to take the copper out without any harm of  my baby ?. or  if it can't take the copper  out, and i decide to keep my baby, what is going to happen for my pregnancy?any risk of my baby?
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with the iud in there it could peirce your womb and damage your baby, thats put me right off having one fitted, has she not sent you for a scan to see where it is, at this stage the baby is tiny so i dont see why they cant carefully remove it, are you sure its nots an ectopic pregnancy?
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My sister got pregnant with her iud inserted but her doctor said hers
Fell out my question is ?is your doctor an obgyn or just an md If they are just
An md you need to see a obgyn that is the beSt thing I can say I don't trust mds with any
Of my female issues they just don't know enough about female problems
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