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labia cyst?

After my shower a few days ago i noticed a "bump" on my right labia, it is slowly getting larger and it is not an external bump like a pimple, it is under the skin. Any ladies have any advice or should i try to get an appointment ASAP with my GYN? It is sore to the touch  and red. No drainage or anything.
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I've been wondering how you have been.  I haven't seen any of your posts in awhile. Is there a possibility that you used something that irritated you down below?  If not, sounds like you probably should visit the doctor.  Let us know how you make out.
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It could be something as simple as an ingrown hair, or it could possibly be a herpes outbreak.  Is it possible that you have contracted an STD?  Whenever in doubt, see your doctor, but it might be nothing.
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I had a cyst (a bartholin gland cyst) on my outer labia. It was under the skin and a little red but no "head" or anything. When you lightly squeezed it you could feel that it was solid and the size of a small bean under there. The gyn said it might get bigger with wearing underwear and sex but to be honest when my partner and I started getting more sexually active it started to shrink and now I cant feel it. I know its not "gone" since they have to surgically remove them and it could pop up again, but for now it is.

You should definatly have it looked at
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I know it's not an STD as i haven't been intimate with anyone in a few yrs and when i had my hyster in August they checked me for everything.
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I have been having some computer issues. My internet browser updated and i lost all my bookmarks and such. Thats why i haven't been posting much.
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I had one of those recently too, and yes it sounds like a bartholin's gland cyst.  Mine shrunk and went away on it's own in few days. If yours doesnt go down, and continues to rise, you will need to see a doc. I know they certainly aren't fun, hope you feel better soon!
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I am so baffled by my condition, which started a couple months ago.  Was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis first.  Then a yeast infection which was treated with Diflucan. My nurse practictioner told me to not have intercourse for about 10 days to allow the yeast to clear up.  So, I waited the 10 days.  Then, after intercourse, I would feel so uncomfortable - itchy, burny, just not right, but the most alarming thing was that my labia minora (especically one side) would turn bright red and swell up like a balloon.  Very hard, and swollen and would take several hours for the swelling to subside.  This only happens during sex - other than that, no symptoms.  I went back to a different doctor thinking maybe the yeast infection hadn't cleared up - got another dose of Diflucan, lab results showed NO YEAST, and waited another 2 weeks before trying sex again.  

Same thing.  Swelled up literally like a balloon - bright red, hard  labia, uncomforable feeling at the base of vaginal opening.  I have no visible sores, only feel this after/during sex and chlamydia/gonorrhea test are negative.    I have not changed partners, have not changed soaps, lubricants, sheets anything different.  

Any ideas?  I am going for a second opinion with an MD in a couple weeks - but in the meantime, I am freaking out.
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What did the balloon thing end up being?
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Have you tried sticking a needle directly into it. If so puss should come out and it could be a boil (ingrown hair). Also there is no way to test for herpes. The test that they do is to tell you whether or not you have been exposed and carry it.
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i have them quite often. they are almost like boils down there.  what i do is set in a hot tub of water for about 30 minutes. the heat will bring the infection to a head and when it does that you will be able to squeeze it.
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An autoimmune disease called Behcet's Syndrome's initial symptoms closely resemble the herpes virus, causing inflammation, then later, vaginal sores, cuts, fissures, bumps, boils, or folliculitis (in grown hairs). If you have repeat episodes of any of these things and your tersts for all STD's ae negative you may then have Behcet's Disease. Other symptoms develop weeks to years later, so it is very important that you find out just what it is that is causing your symptoms. Don't be too quick to brush it off as nothing, Behcet's disease affects people of every age and every race. It is important you see a doctor who know's enough to help you. Ask them about Behcet's Syndrome, if they don't know enough to tell you what it is, they won't be able to tell you if you have it or not. You can also contact the free American Behcet's Disease Website for much more information. Behcet's is not contagious and it doesn't run in families. It is commonely triggered by strep throat, food poisoing or other infections or for unknown reasons that have permenitally damaged the immune system. Stress, injury, common illnesses, and genital to gential contact are common causes for later flares. People with this illness need to rest more often and take better care of themselves. Even then, they will need medicine and a good doctor to stay well. Some common symptoms are chronic yeast infections, bowel, or bladder inflammaton, later arthritis, chronic fatique, muscle pain, and eventually eye inflammation and central nervous system symptoms.It is different for everyone who has it.  I'm not sure what the problem is for you, but I recommend you ask for a herpes blood test if you have this problem repeatedly. Behcet's syndrome is treated by a Rheumotologist in coordination with your GYN and possibly other doctors.
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i suffer from abscess down there for yrs. at the moment i have one on my outer labia lip. its extremly painful. ive been to dr and am on antibiotics and painkillers. it has burst after 4 days of soaking in savlon baths. today ive found and burst 2 more that came up on the join of my leg/thigh area. ive had loads of tests but nothing has ever shown up. they are a pain in the butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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