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lack of menstruation

i recently posted another question having to do with being 'irregular' and that i wasn't pregnant and that i've had a few 'mistakes' with my boyfriend if you know what i mean, and the only response i got was kind of rude, and went something like "i suggest you use protection", when first of all i never mentioned if i was trying to get pregnant or not, or if i MINDED getting pregnant or not.. but thats not what this is about..

this post is different. let me start off by saying im only 21, and have mentioned only a few of my other problems in my other posts.. ive posted a few others back about a strange sensation i was having, and every response i got was 'anxiety'. this usually only happened to me at night, and the one time it happened during the day, i happened to be at work, and i had to leave and go to the emergency room and they too, said it was anxiety. i then followed up with my doctor, and she was looking over the blood work they did at the ER, and was pretty pissed when she noticed they didn't test my thyroid level, and thinks maybe i have a thyroid problem. i've looked up information about hyperthyroidism, and i have quite a few of the symptoms, but i dont want to jump to conclusions. i DID notice that one of the symptoms is irregularity, or lack of menstrual periods.. my last START date of my last period was august 27th, and it is now october 25th..

i got blood work done last week to test my thyroid level, and i was supposed to get my results today but i called in and my doctor 'didnt look over the results yet', but i do have an appointment with her this wednesday so i guess i will find out then..

but here is my question... i was trying to 'google' other reasons, besides thyroid problems, as to why a woman may have irregular menstrual cycles or lack periods... and i mean, i havent completely STOPPED, that i know of, but i KNOW ive been irregular for a long time now, and i believe im beginning to LACK them... but i googled other reasons and i kept getting information about amenorrhea, and causes and what not, and it said things like thyroid malfunction, yeah yeah, but what concerned me was 'uterine scarring' aka asherman's syndrome, where trama is done to the basal layer? typically after a D&C after a miscarriage, abortion, and even child birth... and it also says depending on how severe its damaged, it can lead to infertility...

in the year 2008, i had an abortion, which i really personally am against, but the guy i was with was so abusive, and when i told him i didnt wanna get rid of it, he turned into a worse monster than he already was.. long story short, its over with and i cant do anything about it now, but i wasnt going to bring a child into the world who had to deal with a father like that.. but my point is, ive had a PAP since then, and they never told me that anything was wrong.. and im not even sure if a PAP can even show if anything has been damaged after abortions or what not... but i kno women who have had D&Cs from miscarriages who have had babies by now..

not saying im trying to get pregnant right now, but i know some day i would like to have a child of my own, and i kind of feel like i ruined my only chance.. im not even sure if im even asking any kind of question here, but im kind of wondering how common is it for a women to become infertile after having an abortion? i mean, my periods were irregular BEFORE the abortion, and have just been getting 'later and later' and being 'late' was 'normal' for me, but this is getting ridiculous now.. i mean i also have been stressed a lot lately, and i kno that can make you irregular or lack periods... i dont even know how to end this, so ill just stop typing...

any advice, opinions, experiences, would help, but please, dont give me your rude judgmental opinions about me or my questions and concerns.. thanks..
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Birth control can help regulate a  menstruel cycle
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I ran into the same problem with my post - no one answered.  I started having irregular periods in January and finally found out from my doctor that it is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  That is something you can google and see if the symptoms fit yours.
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the fact that im 21 and have been having this problem, i think i would of known by now that birth control can "regulate" SOME women, but for me, no sorry, that doesnt work. ive tried regular birth controls, and the last time i was put on any type of pill, the dr made me take POPs because the fact that i get migraines almost everyday, puts me more at risk for blood clot, stroke, whatever.. and the POP birth control pill did not regulate me either..
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Hi. I'm sorry you feel as though you've been judged by people on here. That should never happen. This is an open forum and they can comment and post on what they feel like and if their opinion is a negative one, they shouldn't concern themselves with that post. BUT anyways, I have no suggestions on what could be causing the irregular periods. I just thought I would let you know that I know several (as in more than 6) women that have had an abortion. They ALL have healthy babies now. So hopefully your doctor can get this figured out for you so you don't have to have these worries about being infertile.
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thank you.. in a recent post, i noted that i wasn't trying to get pregnant, so its not like i was HOPING i was, but that didn't mean i wouldn't have MINDED if i was. i mean personally and financially, i don't think im ready but if it were to happen, there would be no way i'd get rid of it. but i go to the dr today, i actually finally started my period on the 25th of Oct, and its very very painful.. but i'm going to speak to her about a few things, but thank you for your advice! i appreciate it, sincerely.
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hi there just to let you know a pap smear is only looking at the cells at the opening of your cervix, so it would not find any abnormailties with anything else..
i hope you manage to find a way to treat your irregular periods.. also i know plenty of women who went on to have heathy babies after abortion.. dont mind other people who judge1 its your life .. your body.

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