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large painful bump near vagina

I have recently developed a large bump/lump near my vaginal opening, but it is not located on the vaginal lips. it has been there for 2-3 days, has grown in size, and it has become pretty painful. The bump is somewhat hard and appears to be under the skin, not a pimple like form with a whitehead. although when it was smaller and not painful i squeezed it and some white, puss like fluid came out. There was another bump on the other side in the same place but it was much smaller, not painful, and went away within a day. I do not believe it is an STD of any kind because it does not resemble any and i have recently been tested for all STDs after my new boyfriend and they all came back negative. i don't have any kind of abnormal discharge. could this be an irritation of some kind, or i was reading about bartholin cysts, but the lump is not located on the vaginal lips. I'm pretty worried and i know i need to make an appointment with my docter, but could you give me any help with this problem.
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I don't know.  I wish I could help you.  Any bumps on the vaginal area should be checked by a doctor.  You should have it biopsied for hpv and get a blood test for herpes.  It sounds like a boil though.  The only reason why I'm hesitant, is b/c you said another one appeared.  It really doesn't sound like herpes, but maybe a wart.
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When you say it isn't on the lips - where is it? If there was no discharge, I would have suggested a cyst, but the discharge is concerning. As well, do you know that you were tested for ALL stds? Maybe you were only tested for specific ones.
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You weren't very specific of where the bumps are.... it be an ingrown hair.  do you shave....is it in the area where your hair grows? Because some ingrown hair are hard and underneath the skin and are very painful and puss filled.  I have had some where the bump disappears because the hair was finally able to break the skins surface and I have had others that filled with puss and got bigger and painful.

Or it could be a boil like the PP said.

But it sure doesn't sound like any STD I have heard of.
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I just had one of those lumps recently in the same location. It was to the side of the vagina. It got large and hurt a lot.  Had it for days and finally one day after a hot bath, I tried squeezing it and it finally drained. It was filled with blood and a little puss. Now it has gone away.
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I have the same problem as bradybunch. This is my first time noticing and it started this Sunday afternoon. On both sides but no discharge. it is painful, itchy and hard and it is getting bigger and moves.
I know i dont have anything; STDs or any of the rest and i dont really want to see a doctor if it will go away by itself.
I tried to do some research on it and not much really came up.
So what do i do?
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This may be a subaceous cyst. These are small cysts just under the skin and can get infected which causes them to be painful and have a discharge. They can happen anywhere in the body and are common in the vagina. They can be caused by skin trauma or happen for no reason. I would suggest you see your doctor if you think it is infected.
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