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left side pain

Hi I just turned 26 and have a 3 year old child. For the past few months I have had pain and aching feelings on my left side only it comes and goes sometimes more severe than other. My upper back aches my neck my left breast hurts awful and my left arm. 2 months ago i went to get it checked out and they did xrays, blood work, and found nothing. My left breast is a little smaller than my right, but it has always been like that. I do self breast exams and havent felt any lumps, but i dont know if im sure what i'm feeling for? I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. i rub and feel my left breast every day for any lumps or differences and rub so hard and often it gets sore and inflamed. please help
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Hi sarah,

I just read your recent post. I am a worrier too. Worrying seems to run in
among the women members of our family, so I understand about worrying.
As for carrying pain in your neck, it's a very common place to carry stress.
My neck is often stiff. I think I may have to cut down the amount of time I
spend on the computer. My chiropracter suggests taking 1/2 hour breaks.
Does breast cancer run in your family? Is this why you can't help checking
yourself everyday? Anyway, I wish you well. I still worry about things , but
I don't worry as much as I did say a few years ago. I've also come to the
conclusion that some things in life we can control and some things we can't
control. There is no sense worrying about something that hasn't happened.
Be well. Eve :)
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I constanly worry all the time.
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Thank you Eve. I know how to do a self exam and when, but I can not help myself to check every day. It's like OCD. Can a pulled muscle in the neck or side cause aches or pains? My neck is sometimes stiff and will pop and crack. This may have to do with all the anxiety and stress? Maybe tension.
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Hi sarah789,

I just read your comments. When you say "they" did xrays, blood work,
whose "they" ?   You say you do daily breast self examination on you left breast. You don't have to do daily checks. I think there is a certain time
of the month when it is suggested you can do the breast self examination
I would suggest googling breast self examination. There are no doubt
several websites which could provide you information as to when the best
time to do this is. There might even be videos. I've never checked for them.
I think it's your anxiety that makes you want to do daily breast self examination checks on your lett breast . You don't have to though.
As for the pain you're experiencing, I would go back to your regular family doctor, tell him or her the symptoms you're feeling, say you're concerned
and see what advice your doctor can give you. Good luck. Eve :)
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I'd like to add that the pain gets more severe during my cycle, and I am overweight. I am 5'8 and weigh 200 pounds.
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