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light brown discharge Stopped

Light brown discharge stopped no period yet? I did a test last week and both came out negative what can i do?
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How old are you?

Is your period late?

Are you on any birth control?

Sometimes not all the lining is shed during our periods and what remains can be shed later. Old blood will appear brown in color.

Unless you are having symptoms that are not normal for you, I would wait a week and see if this is just an anomaly.
If you develop pain/cramping/fever/heavy blood flow........call your doctor immediately or have someone drive you to the ER or an Urgent Care Clinic.
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There is nothing you can do.

The pregnancy test may have been done too early and it also depends when your next period is due.

A very light brown spotting can appear, then you may not see anything for a day or to and a period will start.

Keep a record, of how this period progresses.  Sometimes if your hormone levels are out of balance you may experience irregular shows or menstrual cycles.

Sometimes an egg may be fertilized and a light brown spotting may be noticed on your pants.  If things are OK a pregnancy will continue, or if there is a problem, Mother Nature may put her hand to things and a period may come the next month.

At this moment in time, there is nothing you can do, but be patient and see what happens.  
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You made a post recently about how you're 16 and you're going back and forth with spotting. This could just be your hormones at 16 doing this. You also said your period wouldn't arrive for another week or two. You need to wait until the first day of your missed period to get an accurate reading off of a pregnancy test.
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RubyWitch - Muratim is 16 and lost her virginity on 26th Feb.

Muratim -  As you used a condom and it did not break, it is highly unlikely that you would get pregnant.

If your boyfriend entered you before putting on a condom there is a risk of pregnancy.  A many can still have some semen come out with his fluids, even before he ejaculates.

There is no point is stressing.  If you did have a mental breakdown, you would have been committed to a mental hospital.

If you do a home testing pregnancy test, you do need to follow the instructions carefully.  If you don't, you will not get a correct reading.

Always write down in your diary or calendar your menstrual cycles.  You will then be able to work out when your periods are due next.  Don't forget we had a short February as there is only 28 days in Feb and 29 days in a leap year (this comes every 4 years).

If you were a virgin, it may the spotting may be due to the break in the hymen.  Spotting may also be seen when there is an infection due to Cystitis.  This is an infection in the bladder and it is very common to get this infection when having sex.  Does it hurt or sting when you urinate?
If so, then you have a bladder infection and would need to make an appointment to see the doctor to get your urine examined.   If this is the case, it is also very important for you to drink plenty of water - 2 litres a day is usually recommended but don't go more than 3 litres.

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