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little white ball in back of my throat

I was in the mirror brushing my teeth & opened up really wide & noticed in the back of my mouth on the ride side alongside my tonsil a white little ball pasted against the back of my mouth. I tried to put my finger back there to see if i could remove it, but no luck. I noticed for the past couple of months a very bad taste in my mouth, but not coughing up little white smelly balls. I know about those thingys....lol My family experience those every now & then...strep throat, but never these stones people have been talking about. This one I noticed last night is actually pasted in a pocket in the back of my mouth & I can't get it out because I begin to gag if I keep trying.The back of my tongue stays sore all the time especially when I get up in the morning. I dont know if this is TOnsilitis or what. I just got off the phone & made an appt with my Primary Doctor for this Friday. This is so frustrating because it's a very bad taste in my mouth & Im always hoarse like I've been screaming all day. If this is your story....please respond & help. Thank you kindly. Need Answers!!!
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I have the same thing, except mine doesn't hurt, it just gives me bad breath and yes it does taste gross. Try using a toothpick, not a sharp one but the rounded end ones. If you have what i have and it's in like a pocket in the back of your throat then you should be able to get underneath it from the side with your toothpick and pop it out. Hope this helps!
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what i do is.. take a comb with a long skinny end on it.. like the ones you use to part your hair, take the end of it and use it to get those little balls out.. or you can use a high powered water pic to get them out. hope this helps you with your little problem..
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Hi, I have suffered from these throat "zits" since I was in high school and I am now 50 years old.  It is an art form to be able to pop them buggers out but you can do it with practice.  Just don't hit your tongue.  Use a Q-tip and push against your tonsil like you are trying to pop a zit.  It has worked for me.  The doctors have a name for it but I can't remember and my kids have the same thing.  The only answer is to have my tonsils out and I'm too old for that.  Keep trying.  You have holey tonsils that collect stuff.  Join the crowd.  If you come up with any other answers, let me know.  Good luck.
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