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I have had a ultrasound of the abdominal area after blood work came back and showed 2 elevated liver enzymes.  From the ultrasound they found an increase size of the liver and I will need to CT scan to find out why?  What casues this?  Is it life threatening?
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I also on occasion of elevated liver tests. I have never drank so mine is not related to that.

There are several reasons you liver might look enlarged.
One is fatty liver, where the liver is infiltrated with fat deposits. As long as this is not extreme it does not pose a serious problem. Sometimes weight loss can reverse this in an overweight person.

I was also told by my doctor that many household items as well as foods and medications can cause this. Try to think of anything new you may have used, taken, or eaten. Even paint fumes and cleaners can cause an elevation.

I actually had a biopsy done of my liver and it was healthy other than very slight scarring.

If you do have to have a biopsy I want you to know it is not nearly as painful or scarey as they make it sound. Make sure you have it done at a hospital and by a doctor who does a lot of them.  They simply put a needle in through the side and take a small plug of your liver that way. No cutting at all. The main thing is staying still for awhile afterwards to control any internal bleeding.

Medical procedures have come a long way and there are many ways they can treat your situation once they pinpoint what is going on.  Don't let it scare you until that gives you other health issues. I know it can tend to overwhelm you when you don't know what is going with your body. It is not a fun place to be.  

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You might also consider having a hepatitis c test done. All these things are symptoms of the disease.
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