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lost tampon

I normally wear tampons when my period flow is heavy. Last month I forgot if I put one in or not, but I'm usually very good at taking it out. I felt around a bit and I felt this thing thats kind of the shape of a tampon, but with a dip in the centre and it had a different texture. I could kind of feel it when I scratched it and I couldn't find a string. I still have normal discharge and no smell. I sometimes feel aches around my lower stomach/vaginal area, but only when I think about it. I don't really want to see a doctor because I'm 15 and no one's really looked down there before. I just got my period today and its normal and I could put a tampon in. Do I have a lost tampon or am I being paranoid?
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You really should go and ask a Dr anyways. If there is a tampon in there it can cause serious health problems later.
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Hi there.  Ugh, must admit this.  Happened a few years ago and I have no idea how.  I couldn't believe I did it but somehow I forgot a tampon.  I'm not sure if I put two in or what I did as the issue was pretty far in.  How did I know?  Dark discharge (almost black) and rank odor.  You'd know if it were a tampon most likely.  You can go see your doctor to be sure.  But leaving a tampon in definitely has symptoms.  
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