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lump in breast

i have 2 lumps in my left breast, and bilateral fibrocyctic changes. i had 3-4 i-pills 3 years back and i think that can be one of the reason for such changes in the breast. i want to know whether i should have the lump removed or let it stay as it is noncancerous. i had evion for a month and after completing tlone month course, the pain disappeared. some suggest me not to have it operated but i am confused. please respond.
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So you have had the lumps checked out by a doctor?  How do they know they are non cancerous?  Did they biopsy them?  Your doctor should be your best guide.  I had a lump in my breast, was seen the same day I found it and it was determined it was a fluid filled cyst that they drained.  Turned out to be an infection.  However, years later I didn't have a lump but calcium deposits that required a biopsy.  Thank goodness, no cancer. But in both cases---  I had a doctor take things seriously and tell me their opinion. So, what does your doctor say?
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my doctor says that it is just the fluid filled cysts that caused pain, which eventually subsided by taking evion medicine for a month. she says that it is normal hormonal change which causes such lumps amd happens to most of the women. she suggests that it ia good if we remove, but it is okay also even if we dont. but she said that it is not guaranteed that the lump will not increase in size in future
i have this lump for almost like 2-4 years.
the surgery to take the lump off is costing much so i am concerned whtether to get it removed or let it stay, since it is not disfiguring or painful.
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