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lump in thigh

Over the summer, I noticed that I have a lump or bulge in the uper front portion of my thigh.  This lump is near the groin area.  It is not visible. I can only feel it when standing.  It only bothers me if I've been manipulating it; for instance,if I go several days without bothering it,I'd never know it was there.  If I do feel pain, it is slight, deep and sort of like a burning sensation. The bulge is not round but rather oblong, about the size of the end of my thumb, tapering off toward the groin. I can't get a hold of it.  It's not really hard but not squishy either. It seems like it might be a femoral hernia as it does bulge more when I cough. I do have bulging varicous veins in that leg so I've wondered if this could be related to that but it doesn't feel internally or externally like my other veins and is not visible like they are.  I am a female, 44 years old.
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Hello Hucky,
I agree you should get to your doctor. I went a little freaky when I found a lump [painful] in my outer labia, but after hours on the net I am satisfied that I probably have a sebacious sweat gland cyst. Sounds terrible but apart from being quite painful - now, it is not so bad. As a breast cancer survivor who is suffering more from the long term effects of chemotherapy than the cancer surgeries, I felt sure mine must be a tumour.
I am not happy but relieved that mine was probably caused by my sticking to a diet to relieve colitis, one of the side effects of chemotherapy poisoning [in my case]. Diet changes can create these things as I discovered around three a.m. this morning.
You may have a cyst. Try not to get upset until you get medical advice. And good luck.

Colynda in Canada
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I also have a lump in my right thigh......some people at work say that it might be a froze muscle.....but it seems like it is getting bigger.........it has no pain at all....just concerns me, it is oblong shaped
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My grandmother has recently discovered a lump in the middle of her left thigh.  It produces no pain not even with manipulation and her orthopedic consult said that it was within the muscle.  She has gone for an MRI, but I am not convinced that this will show much.  Does this sound similar to what you have been experiencing?  It is long shaped, but the size has not increased or decreased.  She recently lost her husband to stomach cancer and she is scared that this is some type of bone cancer.  My gut tell me that this is not the case.  I am a M.D., but this is not in my area.  I would love to hear any advice you have.  
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Sounds like a hernia to me! Easy for them to go in and take out. I had a double hernia operation  a couple years ago. But I would go to your doctor and let them know that you have a lump in your groin. Have them check both sides if your doctor does think it's a hernia cause sometime's where there is one there is another on the other side.
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I just found a oblong lump on top of thigh. Doesn't hurt I recently was tested on right arm for Tb. No lump appeared on arm an week later I found  the lump on right thigh . Any info appreciated.
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