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lump on my breast

its about a week before my peroid and i have found a large lump right above my nipple i thought maybe it was because i was about to start but i have never noticed them gat lumpy before so could it just be due to pms or do i need to go get it checked out? it is almost the size of a golf ball
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I not sure of your age and history, such as have you had children etc.. And I am NOT a Dr. so take what I say with a grain of salt.. I had a simular thing happen and it turned out to be an infected milk duct. This was found with a mammogram and breast ultrasound. I did nurse my children, but the problem occured years after my last child was born. Surgery was suggested but I chose to just "live with it". Still am. It does get smaller and cause less irritation a lot of the time, but seems to worsen Pre menstrual. I also have Fibrocystic brest disease which causes benign kumps to just form out of the blue throughout the month. Some are painful and some are not. I have been told that the "perfection" in the shape of the lump is a good sign. If it is round and smooth then it is most likely a benign cyst filled with fluid. It is the grainey feeling unusually shaped ones that are more worrisome.
Now with all that personal info that you didn't ask for said, I really do urge you to see your Gyno. Anytime you find a lump in the breast you should have it checked, just to be on the safe side. A mammogram at any age can serve as an easy, affordable, lifesaving tool. Soo , please go for an appt. to put your mind at ease. Good luck.
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oh my word! that seems pretty big and ANY odd lump or bump  definitly needs to be checked out and dont wait. is it a hard lump or squishy? do you have any discharge coming out of your breast? there is also a breast forum. im sure you will get great advise here but you may want to post there as well. let us know ok?
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Get it checked out it takes 5 min. out of your day.  I never let it go even it im sure its nothin im not REALLY SURE.
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