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med did not help irregular menstral cycle

I'm 20 years old and have always had irregular periods. I recently went to the gynochologist because I've had enough with not knowing when to expect my period and was told to take 100mg of prometrium once a day for 10 days to make me get my period so I could start birth control to regulate my cycle. So far, it has been over a week since I took the last pill and nothing. I've had some cramps and breast tenderness, but that's about it. Has this ever happened to anyone? Any ideas as to why the medicine would not work?
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Hi have they checked your hormone levels?When was your last period?Have they checked your thyroid?Are you under weight?May be you have a thyroid problem that needs to be treated.You really didn't put much in your post only than the medicine that your gynecologist prescribed you.Can you tell me a little bit more about your self.TNT406.
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I have been irregular since I got my period just before my 16th birthday. when it was "consistant" it would come every 6 weeks. My last period was due on May 20th but it started earlier with a pinkish discharge that "flowed" into my period (it ended on the day my period would end if I started on the due date). Since I was sick with sinus/allergy stuff, I was on a penicillian anti-biotic and attributed this weird period to that, but my physician said it was more likely the intense stress I have been under. I was due on July 1 again but it didnt come so I found a gyno. she told me to take 1 100mg pill of prometrium for 10 days to make me get my period (about a week after the last pill). Its been over a week and nothing. I have not had sex, but I did have a boyfriend for over a year until 2 months ago and we did mess around (dry sex, fingering, oral) but not actual intercourse.  Dry sex was always us wearing pants. But even with that, I still get nervous. My nature I guess.
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Hi I'm back I did some research on your medicine prometrium.Your gynecologist gave you 100mg to take for 10 days.Do you have an appointment to go back to see her?Really you where suppose to be taking 400mg of prometrium.You can look this up on the internet,that is probably why you still didn't get your period.Make another appointment with your gynecologist,first ask her to check your hormone levels.She might be able to tell some thing from your blood work.Your hormone levels will let her know what dosage of medicine you need to be on.Take care TNT406.
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I have a call in to her, but so far, she hasnt called back. 400mg you say? So then how come she only gave me 100mg for 10 days? A friend who is a biology major said that when a woman's progesterone levels fall, that is when she will get her period, so the week after the last pill to get my period made sense because prometrium is a progesterone pill. I should have gotten it Sunday. I had a pap smear and a urine test done when I went to the office, and she has a no news is good news policy. She didnt call after the test results were in so I guess nothing showed up. But if I should have gotten 400mg and she only prescribed 100mg, those pills were for nothing? Would they instead cause my period to be delayed even more?
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I had the same problems,irregular menstral cycles. In fact, I didn't have one for the past eight months. I tried different medications, I found a solution and it has worked greatly for me and immediately. "Natural Progesterone". I bought this kind called Life Flo Progesta-Care. Make sure its "NATURAL" progesterone. Its like in this pump bottle and each pump is the exact dose you use. It has to have 20mg in each dose. So, if you get a different brand, remember that. It has been a life saver for me. I feel better and I got my normal cycle after all this time. I was on the progesterone cream for exactly 25 days and then went off of it as it suggests for five days. I got my cycle the second day I was off of it. Now after five days of my cycle, I go back on it. Its not that expensive, its about 25-30 dollars. Its worth every penny!
Just my suggestion!
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