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medroxyprogesterone brown discharge?

Okay so i have a question,
I haven't had a period for 10 months, and 7 days ago i was persribed Medroxyprogesterone to regulate my period.
I had a slight side effect of dizzyness, and depression, so i quit taking the pill on day 5. i was perscribed 10mg for 10days by my OBGYN i stoped taking on day 5. i did take a pill on day 5. but i don't have a phone so i couldn't consult my doctor. all i know is i was really depressed for 2 1/2 days straight. I had mood swings, and now i am having some brown discharge. i heard that that is supposed to happen within 2 days before you start bleeding?, but since i was taking the pill to induce my period (make it start) should i keep taking until the pills are gone? i have slight cramps, and discharge is really light. I've had that before but it was a long time ago, and it only happend for a day. To remind you i am 18 years old. and my partner and i only had sex once since i started this pill but it was protected sex. I'm not sure when the best time for me to start haveing unprotected sex after my period. but I am wondering if i should be starting my period soon or not? i've looked up all sorts of different questions and answers but still haven't found the right answers i'm looking for. Also we at one time were trying to have a kid, but now it's if it happends it happends. I didn't want to take birth control to regulate periods, so my OBGYN decided to put me on this.  
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