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miserably wet all the time

I am constantly wet in the vaginal area..I have tried every lotion,cream,spray,soap,douch and even nothing at all.  I have been to drs. and they say I am healthy and that some women are just like that.....I hate it and I am uncomfortable most of the time. please help
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reminds me of the good old days, long past.......I used to wear a tampon when things got bad..!!......you have to realize also that there is also a faint smell to that wetness and you really don't want people to think you never bathed.....I had a serious problem with that and could never get the nerve up to tell my Doctor.
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REmember that over washing and douching takes away the good bacteria that keeps infections away, so you could get a yeast infection. I have the same problem so I just go to the bathroom alot to dry off with toilet paper.
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I have this problem too since going off the pill. I have no smell at all, just really moist down there. It's great for sex (natural lube) in my case. My BF thinks the wetness is from him....lol I haven't told him the truth on that one! I'll let him have his moment!!!

But honestly, I would go to the doctor to make sure you dont have an infection. Normal fluids generealy have no oder and should be clear/milky depending on that time of the month. I use to have this real bad in HS. It would smell like amonia. Little did I know I actually had a problem. It was PCOS and thts what I deal with now.
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Unfortunately some women are just more wet than others. It can also be during your cycle you are noticing more at ovulation time, which is when it will be more wet than usual. That's to help the little wrigglers get inside the big oven for baking a bun. (medhelp won't let me use real words as they block them!)
Best you can do is wear a pantyliner. I do. I noticed one day that the wetness was going through my jeans and onto the cloth seat at work! Embarrassing! So pantiliners are the go for me. Plus as the ad says, Keeps your knickers nice!
  Unless it has a really strong odour that OTHERS notice, then you ought to go to the doc for help..otherwise it really is just normal. Just think of this...how many teenage boys get a hard.....on......in front of girls and get a wet patch...bet you didn't know they did!
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i have this problem too but the vagina is "self cleaning"  so some of us women are naturally more wet then others.... its drives me CRAZY some day too... and the week b4 my period its the worst!..... i always gotta use panty liners, everyday cause i hate it getting on my underware.....this might sound crazy but i used to use paper towels everyday, i hated sitting in my panty liner all day, so i would use paper towels and just throw away and replace if needed....lol...( i know im a weirdo).... so i dont think you have an infection, espically since you went to the doctor and they said all was ok... i wouldnt douch, it takes away the good bacteria that protects your va ja ja just like lucey said.....so just do what you can during the day, dont let it ruin your life, its not the end of the world.... and yes it makes for a GREAT sex life like msniki said!!....lol good luck!
My partner says I'm to wet sometimes so he doesn't get much friction and this is why he doesn't come inside me. So what can I do about that? X
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I miss those days.  I'm starting to dry up and would relish having this problem again.  Try and think of it as sexy.  You are hot and fertile!  Pantyliners are a good solution.  But DO NOT USE POWDER.  They have linked ovarian cancer to using powder in your vaginal area.  
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