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missed period

Hi ,

i last had intercourse with condom on 28 July and i had period for 3 days starting on 1st August but it was little each time. Then on 18-21 August i start having dark coloured blood coming out. Again, they were little each time. Until now my usual period still have not come. During the month, i had some family problems and little rest. I took a urine test on 2 Sept and it came out negative. Is this due to hormones or am i pregnant ?
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Even if it isn't how your period usually comes it is still probably your period. If the test says negative then it is most likely right
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i am now 5 days late for period , what could be the reason ? i am feeling that my boobs got bigger as well
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hi ,

Just an update
my period came today. It's about 10 days late. i went for to clinic yesterday , the doc said it was probably because of stress and lack of sleep that cause the period to be late.
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