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mood swings PMS

Hi.does anyone suffer from really bad mood swings eg anger/low self esteem before their period and if so how do you deal with it? Would going on the pill help?
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Hi there.  I've had bouts of pms affecting my mood.  I would get easily angered almost like a rage.  Ugh.  I hated that.  What helped me overcome it was when I realized that it was really unfair to other's in my life.  That was motivating for me to then work on self control.  I may still boil up with unreasonable anger but I don't act on it.  So, you have to slow down the process---   don't just react.  Be thoughtful and mindful and stop yourself before you spout off at someone or get upset by others.  I just stop it in its tracks and say in my head "hormones stink. they are trying to make me mad again--  ignore it".  And I keep it in check that way.  

If you kind of track your period, you'll start to recognize that this is cyclic and you'll know that the 'bad week' is coming and can be prepared.

Exercise is a great way to help keep mood more balanced.  So, keep exercising during that week.  Get plenty of rest as being tired AND hormones can make us super cranky.  

The pill does help lesson pms symptoms.  good luck
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There is something you can do, this is a holoistic approach kind of treatment, lookup Dr. Wallach and pms.
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Thanks so much for the advice I've only started suffering badly with pms this year must be my age (37) but I know I have to try and control it as best I can. Thanks again :)
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