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morning sickness this early?

Hi I am 4 weeks 1 day pregnant, and I have had morning (all day) sickness for the last three days!! I dont remember it starting this early with my last pregnancy!  Is this normal??  Should I be concerned?
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its definatly possible but not common that early the hcg isint all that high at this point i heard could you be further along then you think i be carrying multiples goodluck maybe triplets lol
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yes it's possible. like previous poster said u could be farther along as well? I started my morning sickness around 7 wks with my 1st.
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I had morning sickness at 5 weeks.  Very early on.  Not throwing up but constant nausea.  Everyone is different and so is every pregnancy.
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I read somewhere that morning sickness is caused by the placenta and that the sicker u feel the better its working or the bigger it is, forgot exactly now but it could just be that. Which could make both being further along or multiples very possible! maybe u go quads! Did any one read that story the other day about the woman who concieved quads naturally, wow imagine that! And the was a surrogate that had quints! (5) her stomach was HUGE! That must be hard! Thats the thing with IVF sometimes Ive seen people on tv talking about they tried for so long and the then they get 4 at once!

Try ginger biscuits before u get up I read it helps
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thanks I am actually throwing up, yesterday and today
my last af 9-7-06 extra heavy!!  so I am not further along, but multiples? my sis has twins! oh I just want to feel OK thanks
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i did get really dark hpts on 10 dpo afternoon
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