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my vagina lip is swollen

2 days ago me and my boyfriend had sex and during intercorse i felt dry and we went on with it anyways and i felt my one side kind of get shoved inside for a second. we were a little rough but nothing out of the norm. but now my right vagina lip has been swollen for 2 days like swollen!!!! it doesnt itch or anything doesnt smell doesnt even bother me except the fact that its pretty big and i can feel it rubbing when i walk!! i just dont know what to do! can someone help me! im going to try to ice it for the swelling but what else can i do??
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yep i'd definitely put ice on it that was the first thing that came to mind seeing that it doesnt hurt its probably swollen because you guys were a little rough if that doesnt help the swelling try not to irritate it as much as possible were cotton panties and skirt were you can get a little air or you can rest by sitting without it being rubbed.

Goodluck i dont think its no biggy it should be back to normal any day now,however if it doesnt you can see a pharmacist for additional stuff but nevertheless you'll be ok
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I havent had sex in a few months, my boyfriend is away for a lil while, We just had fone sex tho, it was normaly masterbating, but my left vag lip swelled up pretty bad, It kindof hurts but not really, but it is anoying and i can feel it, i put ice on it, it was the first thing i thot of, but is there anything else i shud do?
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This is really similar to what is happening to me right now.

I'm only 17, and have only been this physical with my boyfriend for about 3 months now. But my guy and I got really heated last night, and he fingered me and it was kind of rough (although I didn't get as wet as normal). We normally do get pretty passionate, so it's not like being rough is anything different than what I'm used to. However, I've never been in this much pain afterwards. It's been about 17 hours since he fingered me, and I wasnt feeling any pain when I went to sleep last night; it was when I woke up (this afternoon) that I felt this pain. And it's lasted all day long.

The right lip, right next to the hole (my labia I think is what it's called?) is very swollen. It's red and it hurts. I was worried at first that maybe he accidentally scratched me and that THAT was the reason why I was in pain, but it doesn't hurt when I pee at all...it's just tender. I'm very sore and I took a warm bath this afternoon, thinking it would make me feel better. It felt nice while I was in the bath, but after I got out, the soreness still hasn't lessened. So I took some ibuprofen a couple of hours ago and have been icing it, and hopefully that will help? It still doesn't look any better however, becuase it's still very puffy and red (not to mention VERY sore). It's awkward because I have to walk funny to avoid pain (since its swollen, it will be rubbed while I'm walking by the other lip or my upper inner thighs, and will hurt more).

I don't know what else to do, but from everything I'm reading, I'm hoping that the reason is just because I wasn't as wet as I normally am when we're hooking up--that the reason for this swollen-ness, redness, and tenderness is because of being rubbed while dry last night...

I've had post soreness before, but never to this extent. If anyone has any added advice to make this go away, please tell asap
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lastnight my boyfriend was fingering me, pretty rough. it started to hurt after a while so we stopped. when i woke up this morning i could hardly walk because my vagina hurt so bad, i went to the bathroom to look and my lips arent swelled its the inside of the lips that is, one side more swollen than the other, and i keep dischrging but tthe discharge looks normal. it doesnt itch, just hurts when i sit, put my legs together or walk! its very annoying, i dont know what to do, can some please help me ?
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This has happened to me a few times...
Give it a couple of days and the swelling will go down.
Maybe a bit of Vaseline or something similiar will help in the meantime...to stop it rubbing.
If I were you though, I really wouldn't worry about it.
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See my response under related topics 'extremely swollen vagina after sex. I think it is your answer.
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just had sex with my boyfriend and i got this red vagina lips. this is my first time to experience red vagina lips after sex. after reading this postings. i am less worried though if these swelling did not subside
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I was with this guy and he was fingering me about 2 weeks  ago. Everything was fine but NOW my vagina lips are noticeably swollen and my actual vagina is white while around it is flaming red. It doesnt feel like its internal. The pain of my lips can be described as burned or bruised... I only noticed this after i shaved so... What could this be? HELP PLEASE :(
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u all might have herpes or vagina gingavitus go get it checked out or u mite be in truble im black and i kno what your goin thru becuz my boyfrend was fingering me im 12 btw but erthang was normal until he came inside of me n we went to bed n when i woke up it was swollen my left bigger than my right ?labia? and i discharged his semen up out of me but thats it help plz
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it happened to me too. You might have yeast infection and u are not aware that you have it. So I suggest that you go to the doctor and have yourself checked. believe me when it gets worst you will regret.

the first symptom is burning and itching and usually you feel it after sex or after shaving. after few days of infection there will be a white discharge. dont drink antibiotic for it will help boost the production of fungi in your vagina
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Ahh me too! Yesterday I had sex with my boyfriend and usually I get so crazy when I'm having sex and so wet! But this time... I just didn't get wet much at all! And we were having sex and it was hard to cause my vagina lips were swelling up cause he fingered me really hard and then it was really hard to get his **** inside cause I was swollen!!! Now my vagina lips kinda hurt whenever I walk. Uhhhh I wonder how long it's gonna hurt like this. :(
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i just had sex and my left vigina lip bye the whole got swollen it doesnt hurt or itch or burn i just can tell its swollen but it goes away after awhile do you think i have anything to worry about..?
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