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my boyfriend is coming into town and we want to consimate our relationship, but that just so happens to be when i am about due for my period. with the time frame i can't get into the gyno's office to get birth control before he gets here, are there any other methods i could use to delay my period or am i going to have to postpone our first time together??
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Sweetheart, if you aren't on birth control and are planning to consummate your relationship, it is a good idea to postpone for that reason alone.  What did you plan to do to avoid making a baby?
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I would wait, better safe than sorry.  Besides would suggest being on the birth control for atleast a month before putting it to the test... otherwise you might end up with your first child from your first time with him.  I would explain everything to him in hopes he would understand.  I think he will respect you more than if you popped up with a child! Good Luck!
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Don't delay your period. Postphone your first time.
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