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need help with spotting.

hello this is my fist time on here and i decided to post a question on here. there for i am having a problem.. ok i had my period on the 5th of april and i am expecting my period on the 3rd of may so here is my problem i started spotting brown yesturday and today in the morning i had the urge to use the bathroom and so i went and it was hurting when i was peeing like if i had a urine infection so i looked down to the toilet and there was blood so there for i put a pad on and i have only been spotting brown and pinkish but nothing big or heavy. can anyone help me please.. i have had unprotected sex is it that i might have had a miscarriage..
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It could be any of those 3 things - spotting before your period, a UTI, or a miscarriage. Something else that comes to mind is kidney stones. Are you having any other symptoms? Symptoms of ANYTHING, I mean... body aches, rash, unexplained fatigue, pus, dark urine, etc. etc. It's tough to diagnose without a bit more info. Regardless, I would recommend making an appointment to see your doctor. If it's just spotting, that will go away when you start your period, but anything more serious your doctor will need to know and get you on the right kind of meds to help.
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How was it hurting? I mean was it like a burning sensation or was it your stomach that was hurting? It could be a UTI (any fever, chills, backache?). Could be normal spotting before a period, could be another type of infection. Honestly could be anything. Best bet, see your dcotor.
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