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need some help please

i just need some hellp me and my girlfriend had sex about 6 times in the past two weeks i were a condom every time and pulled it out every time, it was her first time and she bleed just alittle then on the additinal times she bleed too, can you pop a cherry 3 times in a row or did i just not get all of it?, can she be pregnate even if i wore a condem and pulled out? please help thanks
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If you wore a condom and pulled out, she is unlikely to be pregnant.  Condoms are not 100%, but they are very effective when worn correctly and not slipping or breaking or anything like that.  The bleeding is probably from it being her first time, and it carried over because the tissues that were irritated or torn were not healed by the time you had sex again.
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o ok, the condom had spirmicial or somthing like that, what does that mean
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Do you mean spermicide? if you do it's a substance that kills sperm. Thats definetly what you and your girlfriend should be lookin for unless your ready to be parents?? Like Annie said if you wore the condom correctly and pulled out shes probibly not pregnant. I do know for myself I bled A little the first couple of times I had sex too and even when I was younger when I did'nt do it for a while and then I did it I would bleed a little also, so dont worry too much or freak out it's just a womans body we're wired like that sometime!!!!Goodluck & u guys be safe.
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yea the condom said it had that at the tip
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