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no period for 4 years but i have cramps when its expected.

hi, ive been on depo for 2 yrs, i got off it in 05 and still no period, i had a cyst removed in 03 and i was wondering if that was related to missing  my periods,i get cramps,and get bloated every month when its suppose to come,im confused and wondering whats happening,and ive been trying to have a baby but since no period theres no chance in conceiving, please help?
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hi! i would say you need to go see your obgyn. alot of times when you are on the depo for long periods of time you have to take b/c pills or medicine to help you get your periods started again. i took the depo for 4 years and i had to go on a strong b/c pill with lots of estrogen to get mine started and it still took almost 6 months. if you are wanting to conecive then i would go see your obgyn as soon as possible so you can get to working on getting your cycles started back up. the chances of conceiving without your af are slim. i dont think the removal of the cyst has anything to do with you not having a af it is all the depo. the depo can do lots of weried things to your body but i think you need the dr help with this one. how long have you been off the depo? when in 05? good luck.
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hi, i have been on birth control and metformin and medroxyprogesterone, and they still didnt bring back my period, i had my baby in dec 02 and went on the needle in jan 03, and been on it since 05 and ever since i been on the needle, no period at all. i been on the needle 2 years, i dont know if its the needle,alot of people i know who have tried the needle for long periods of time got pregnant right after they stopped the needle, maybe im differ? the doc said something about a pituitary gland or how ever u spell it was imbalanced, and i have a appointment to see a fertility specialist on aug,2 so im hoping everything goes well. i wonder wut the doc`s will do for me? im so depressed not havin my period and not being able to have a baby, been tring for 2 yrs, anyway, thanks for responding
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I'm 20 years old. When I was about 12 i start my period. I had it about 2 years then it stop. When i was about 14teen my mom put me on the deop. The Dr. had to give me pill so that i could have a period. So that i could start the deop. I had to get off of them buz i gain to much weight. I was one about a year. Since then i have had about 2 n i had to take pills to make me have them. It 2009 in it been about 3 years since dr. made me have my last one
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