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no period for 5 months... is doctor missing something?

So I have read that quite a few women go through their pregnancies without getting a positive urine test.
I finally made my doctor appointment and went today. I stopped my birth control in January and haven't gotten my period since.. which I assumed would be late anyway after stopping. Got negative urine test at home many times but before even my missed period I felt my body being different and experienced symptoms that I later found out were some pregnancy symptoms.
I went to the doctor today and all they did was a urine test again and a pap... I was expecting an ultrasound and blood work... And left with a prescription for progesterone and a slip for blood work to see if I have pcos. I wasnt ttc but i felt super pregnant and gained avoyt 15 lbs all in my belly. Not so much hips thighs or butt.. Just belly.

I'd be about 5 months now... Would she have felt it with the pap?
I should have spoke up at the time but didn't..
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yes, she would have noticed during the PAP, as your cervix would have changed and be closed. Also, it is VERY clear, especially when the doctor feels your belly, if you were pregnant. A pregnant belly and abdomen, feels much different than one that is not. You are probably going through hormone changes. If you were on your pill for a long time, then maybe your body is having problems getting back into the swing of things, it is most likely a thyroid, hormone or even health issue. I would follow your doctors advice and get the testing done that he/she wants.
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