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no period for 6-7 months, NOT pregnant.

31 years old, not pregnant [husband is deployed and has been for QUITE some time now]
always have had irregular periods, doctors didn't seem worried about this.
last period was july 2013.
spotted for a month in july 2013, only on tissue, not underwear.
i never have any abdominal pain, unless i am ready to take a bowel movement.
but nothing out of the ordinary.

i have health anxiety along with panic attacks -- which also means that i am now afraid to go to the doctor. i was diagnosed with white coat syndrome three years ago, when i first started to have panic attacks. the last pap smear i had was probably over six years ago now.

because i have health anxiety, i automatically think i have cancer. any words of advice would help - and what you think it could possibly be
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Do you take meds meds make you have not normal periods i have a fear of doctor and beening sick too but now when i need them the most they cant help so do you see any othr types of doctors
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no, i dont take any medications at all
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That happened to me before and my OBGYN said I actually stopped ovulation. So he gave me a pill to make me ovulate. From then on and even now I use aloe to naturally help me start. There are aloe drinks available as well as concentrate available at your local natural food store.
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I'm a doctor. Sorry! I hope you are ok but the worst thing for you is to be afraid. I suggest you try to meet other doctors until you find the one you are comfortable with. I read that your last papel smear was six years ago. Papel smears are the only way to get an early catch on cervical cáncer. I'm not saying you have it but let me tell you a lot of my patients regret they didn't get it done earlier because of fear.

Having fear is what kills a lot of people in my country. I'm from Mexico and most of treatable and curable diseases still kill a lot of people out of fear.

About what you describe you could be only missing your periods because of your anxiety. There could also be a hormonal imbalance and other things that only a doctor can explain directly to you but donde get ahead making assumptions when torre os no need to. Take one step at a time and make a purpose to find a doctor you can talk to as if he/she was your friend.

I try to get all my patients to trust me, but that trust must be earned and some of my colleagues forget about that.

Get a doctor whom you can trust! That's my advice
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When I was a teen, I went through a ten month period of not having my period;  and i wasn't sexually active. While I wasn't diagnosed with anything, my doctor did state that anxiety (I stress out a LOT) could cause this issue. If you are anxious, I would go see a doctor and get checked out.
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I have PCOS poly cystic ovarian syndrome and ALWAYS has irregular periods along with other symptoms. I'm not saying this is what you have but it is definitely something you could bring up to your doctor. I'm sorry that you are so scared of them but having a regular pap is really something you should be doing, especially since you are so afraid of getting/having cancer because it helps with early detection.  
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