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no period in over 4 years

i am 25, i weigh 19 st and suffer from polycistic ovaries, i havent had a period in over 4 years and my doctor wont do anything about it im just constantly told to lose weight which is really hard as a result of PCOS.
also i suffer from panic attacks and dont go out much, so its hard to keep going to the gym but i make myself go.
i have been going to the gym and dieting for a few months now and have lost a few pounds but i feel like theres something really wrong with me - i still have no periods an cant lose enough weight
i dont know what to do its like everything is working against eachother my periods wont come back unless i lose weight, but its hard to lose the weight because of PCOS, i also have body hair in places women shouldnt and i have very low self esteem.
does anyone know of anything to help me?
i could really do with some advice its too embarrasing to tell anyone about i dont feel like a real woman.
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Talk to your doctor about getting you on Metformin. It helps with PCOS and weight loss. Also if you can, I swear by this....take green tea extract pills. I use to take them along with my metformin and watch what I eat...it worked and lost 62lbs. I stopped buying the green tea cause it got a little expensive and also stopped watching the food intake. I gained 15lbs back. I'm starting back on green tea this sunday. Also, another helps if you have problems with eating maybe when your not hungry, try taking Cinnamon. It curbs appitates. But always remember to ask your doctor before starting any new vitamins. I too have PCOS and I know it really does s uck. Losing about 10% of your current body weight should be good enough to start a period back.
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I haven't had a period on my own since November.  In February my doctor started me on Provera to cause periods.  I also have panic attacks and am 14 lbs overweight.  I have had trouble with my weight for the past year (I don't have PCOS though).  You have to keep in mind that you are beautiful no matter what.  I know it is hard to do but building self-esteem will aid in you feeling better about yourself.  I had really low self-esteem and discovered that by telling myself every morning in the mirror that I am beautiful and it has helped.  I would suggest seeing a dietician to monitor what you are eating (or something like Weight Watchers).  Good luck and stay positive.
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