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no period,low back pain and bloating

hi there,
i am 48 years old and have had a normal period for 11 months, but this month i skippd it. my stomach is bloated and i somehow always feel like i am getting my period but it never comes. my stomach goes down quite a bit and in the morning. once i eat, it tends to bloat. i have had lower back pain every now and then.  sometimes it is on the lower left and then a few days later it may go tot eh right hand lower side.  i worry about ovarian cancer, although there is no history of.,  wondering if this is just pre menopausal symptoms.  

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hi it is me again.  my other reason that i think it is menopausal is that i am hot flashing so much.  i went through this lst summer where i was hot flashing and having no periods and then last septemeber came and i started up with normal periods again, but ironically this summer it is happening again.
thanks again
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These symptoms can mean many different things, with ovarian cancer or just ovarian cysts being some of them.  You should get to your doctor and arrange for transvaginal ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound and perhaps a CT.  If you think this might be cyst related do take a look at the health pages (top right) and look at the cyst types and symptoms.  Hope you find your problem soon.
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